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Infinity VUs

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Infinity VUs

I tried to run a load test this morning with 71 VU's. The dashboard finally refreshed after about 1 hour of running without any indication of what was happening except for the progress bar that said the test is "running". Then, when it did refresh, "-Infinity VUs" was displayed above the label: "Run out of 71 VUs".

Has anyone else run into this? What was the issue, and how did you fix it?

I modified my Load Scenario, decreased the Number of Concurrent Users from 71 VU's to 50 VU's, and re-ran the test.

It ran fine this 2nd time, but a few test scripts failed. I fixed the test scripts, and re-ran the same Load Scenario for a 3rd time. Then, again after about 1 hour of running without any indication of what was happening, I got the "-Infinity VUs" again. 


It's quite bizarre behavior. Please report it via our support If possible, include your project name and screenshots to help us understand and fix the issue you encountered.

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I have created a ticket for support. Thank you. 

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