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Enable Export For all Tabular Data in LoadNinja

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Enable Export For all Tabular Data in LoadNinja

Each Table should have a widget that when clicked exports a .CSV of that table's data.

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Actually, I think there need to be two levels of data export:

  1. Export of each table or chart individually
  2. Export of all collected test data

Item 1:  This would be great when you want to highlight a specific issue/item/bottleneck within the results, but want to present it in either a slightly or completely different way.


Item 2: This would be excellent for those testers that prefer write their own reports, but do not want to sacrifice a lot of time in order to do so. 

  • They could import the data into a DB and write queries against it
  • They could import into a spreadsheet and run some macros to create their own charts, graphs and tables.