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LoadComplete Sample for Web application


LoadComplete Sample for Web application

To run Basic sample application that comes with LoadComplete, require to install MDAC and IIS in the computer which currently don't have those setup. do you have the sample for the web base application? Is there good source of learning of the tool? Thanks

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Re: LoadComplete Sample for Web application



It is not required to install sample web application (i.e. IIS with proper components) on the same computer that has LoadComplete installed. You may install provided sample application on any computer within your local network (including virtual machine) that has IIS installed.

Actually, this is even more preferable setup because:

-- On the one hand, the closer to the load generating tool (LoadComplete) tested application is installed the better, because this eliminates sporadic network delays that are irrelevant for load test and may just obscure test results;

-- On the other hand, it is not the best idea to install tested software on the same machine with load generating tool because in this case there will be concurrency for the system resources (like CPU, memory, etc.) that may influence test results.


> Is there good source of learning of the tool?

I would recommend:

--  documentation (; and

-- webinar recordings from the page.


  /Alex [Community Hero]
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