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Can I use different offset values for each VU?

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Can I use different offset values for each VU?

Use case:


is it possible to implement offset values for each VU? If so, how?


Use case: our application determines how fast a user works depending on time stamps in body parameters.

I need to be able to set different offset values for different VU's (to simulate "fast" and "slow" users).

However I can only set 1 offset value ( not possible to set it for each VU).


Is it somehow possible to implement this use case in LoadComplete?



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Re: Can I use different offset values for each VU?

Hi Mathijs,


I'm afraid this is not possible.

You may consider to generate a list variable of Date/Time type and use values from this list to parameterize request for every VU.

The inconvenience of this approach is that start and end border values are static for the variable definition, so you will have to regenerate the list from time to time. contains request to improve this functionality.

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Re: Can I use different offset values for each VU?

Hi Alex, 


although I like your feature request (voted +1 for it), I think it does not really tackle the situation I am dealing with. I have created a feature request for my situation. Hopefully you can take a look at it.


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