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Recent Forum Enhancements over year end 2017 - Feedback

Community Hero

Recent Forum Enhancements over year end 2017 - Feedback

First of all, Happy New Year 🙂


It is noticed that there are improvements in SmartBear forums. Thank you & Kudos to SmartBear team for the continuous improvements.


Some of the improvements which I liked are:


Badges : Now, for each user profile page, all the badges achieved by him / her along with how many of the other users in the community posses the same badge. That shows unique the member is based on the statistics.


Replies : Earlier, user can set his / her profile to show the replies in tree / linear formats. They can reply to any thread. Hope this is still same and no change.  Apart from it, there is new "Reply" button at the end of the all threads and this may help chronological reply order if some do not want to reply to specific message.


What I miss:

Previously, there were three hyper link both on top and bottom of messages which helps to better navigation in certain forum i.e., message list, previous topic, next topic (may be there can change text, but there were link. And these are not available now. Therefore, users now lost that convenience of navigation.


So, thought of providing the above feedback.


Thank you for reading.

Community Manager

Re: Recent Forum Enhancements over year end 2017 - Feedback

Hi Rao,


Thanks for your feedback!


We have removed the navigation among messages as not so many members use it. I'll think of how we can re-design this navigation and return back.


One more improvement: we have changed the layout of a message page. Now, a side panel is located at the bottom of the page. This helped us make the main content of a topic wider. What do you think about this new view?

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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Re: Recent Forum Enhancements over year end 2017 - Feedback

Thank you Tanya. I use the links greatly earlier.  Now, have to go the top of the page every time to go top and click the respective forum link to go the topic list. Now little extra clicks.


Regarding the other point - space usage, it looks better than earlier. However, there is wide gap (which can still be improved) both on left and right sides.

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