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Remove the extra prompt when closing the application

Remove the extra prompt when closing the application

When I close ReadyAPI, I'm prompted with a dialog box asking if I really want to edit. This box appears regardless of whether I've made any changes, or if I have the auto-save project option enabled (which I do).


I request that this prompt be removed, or at least be optional via a user preference. It's silly to have to confirm an action I am deliberately taking and an annoyance when using ReadyAPI constantly. Few applications work this way and certainly not ones that can automatically save user changes, which is the main reason you would want a confirmation on exit. If users do it by accident, there is an easy solution: just start ReadyAPI back up.

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The issue can happen if user has accidentally closed without saving the project

Now all that work is lost

of course work can be auto saved via preference

But I see this feature more so as a safety one and no issues the way it works currently.

Thats just my opinion of course

To gauge users this can be part of a survey question


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The issue is it's really annoying to be forced to confirm something you are deliberately doing. Imagine every time you want to send an email, your email client asked if you were sure you wanted to send the message.


The best way to prevent accidental data loss is default the auto-save option to True. That way there's no chance of losing changes. I'm not sure why ReadyAPI doesn't do this.

Status changed to: Selected for Development

We are adding functionality in 2.3 to only prompt you to save if there are any changes to the project.


Hopefully you will see this improvement shortly upon 2.3 release



Mike Giller

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Status changed to: Implemented

With 2.3 release you shouldn't be prompted to save if there aren't changes

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