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Re-insert the Assertion HTTP

Re-insert the Assertion HTTP

in version 3.9.0 there is a smartAssertion created that deprecates the HTTP assertions. As all of my testcases (a huge

amount) have this assertion I'm not going to adapt them manually as this will take a huge effort to do so. No clue why Smartbear has deleted this assertion as I think quasi all of the testers are using this!?

Please, re-install the HTTP assertions!

Status changed to: Accepted for Discussion

Hello! The assertions that are labeled deprecated still work! We are adding new functionality to Smart Assertions to replace these older assertions in a new, single powerful assertion. We have no plans to remove the existing assertions, however they will no longer receive new functionality.

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Hello @TylerMills Thanks for the update. Indeed, I still can use them. Hopefully it still will work in the future! 😉 


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