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Enhance how Soapui NG saves testcase in xml file

Enhance how Soapui NG saves testcase in xml file

Problem : the issue is related to SoapUI NG saves the testcases. Once you switch environments in SoapUI NG and save the project the change in test environment and connection strings also gets save in the testcase xml file which is then tracked as an actual change by mercurial. But that is not the change we wanted to commit to mercurial branch.



Ideally the change in the test environment should be pooled in from the projects settings.xml file (where all the configuration for project exists) and should not be saved in the testcase xml file. Instead of having a actual test environment and database connection string the xml tags in the testcase xml file should be replaced by with something like scalar variables. And should be populated at run time only. 


I have attached an example which shows that when I switch test environment environment the following xml tag get changed and are save in testcase xml file.







Case #00110260 - disscussed with the SmartBear tech support..

Status changed to: Accepted for Discussion

Discussing with devs how this could be solved

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Matti Hjelm




Is there an outcome on this yet?This is the biggest pain point and a reason for us to rethink about other options. When you are providing integration with version control systems then this is fairly understandable changing test environment will cause changes to the file and version control system will start tracking it as change. Can you please take some action on it. And merry christmas to you guys.Smiley Very Happy




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This is a massive pain point for ReadyAPI and would appreciate an update on this if possible!


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