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Wintertainment 2021 – Scavenger Hunt: Day 2

Hi and welcome to Wintertainment Scavenger Hunt!


Are you ready to look for the 2nd Easter egg? It's a live.


Wintertainment 2021_easter egg 2.pngEaster Egg #2

We hid this Easter egg ⬅️


Clue: Visit the Community page with questions about the product previously known as TM4J to find Easter egg #2


Click over the Easter egg to earn the 'Scavenger Hunt Day 2' community badge! Comment here if you find it. But don’t tell others where you found 🙂 You can also give more clues.



Scavenger Hunt Rules:

  1. We’ll hide 1 Easter egg, each day, on a different community page.
  2. Each day we’ll give you a clue where to find the Easter egg. You can also find it on your own by just exploring the community pages (or write a script that will do it instead of you )
  3. Find the Easter egg, click it and earn a unique Wintertainment Scavenger Hunt badge. One badge per Easter egg.
  4. Find all 5 Easter eggs, and you’ll earn yourself a special Wintertainment Scavenger Hunt badge.


Find all Scavenger Hunt clues on by using ScavengerHunt21 tag/label.


Also, visit the Wintertainment21 page to find more great activities to participate.

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