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Wintertainment 2021 – Results and Winners

Greetings Community.

Wintertainment 2021 flew by so fast 😞 I hope you enjoyed the activities this year! You shared a lot of interesting stories about the SmartBear product usage, some of you even started to train others. Many of you participated in the Wintertainment Scavenger Hunt – we have launched this activity for the first time! Please leave your comments about which activity you enjoyed the most.

During the event:

  • you gave one another 450 Kudos,
  • you posted 74 comments,
  • 17 members earned the Scavenger Hunt Champion badge!


Your participation was incredible 🎉. Thus, we decided to award everyone who participated in the event with a special Wintertainment 2021 Winner badge, as well as a $20 gift card! Congrats, folks! Thanks for being with the SmartBear Community.


You can always revisit the event activities under the Wintertainment21 tag/label. More great community events are coming. Stay tuned!


We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true and see you in the SmartBear Community!


SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

It was fun seeing other community members from all around the world when sharing the holiday messages!☃️

And seeing how everyone is using the products completely differently as well is very interesting.

Thanks guys for the fun wintertainment edition!

Occasional Contributor

Congratulations to everyone for making this fun, educational, and successful. I trust that a good time was had by all. The SmartBear Community appears to be one of wisdom, encouragement, creativity, and courtesy. It is an honor to be amongst you all on this journey. I wish each and every one of you (and yours) Happy Holidays and a most wonderful New Year.   

Community Hero

I enjoyed the badge hunt and look forward to future events


In the meantime, we can all make testing easier by sharing our experiences and pitfalls

- guess which ones we have more of 😥


Congrats guys.. I enjoyed this