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Wintertainment 2020: Results and Winners!

Hello SmartBear Community!


The end of the year is the time for celebrations, and we are going to give you one more reason to celebrate! 


As the SmartBear Wintertainment event is over, it is time to see what we achieved and reward winners and participants. Your contribution was overwhelming and still, we decided to give a prize to every participant - this is only fair since each of you helped in making this event amazing! Thank you!


Special thanks and rewards will go to those who contributed and stayed active throughout the entire event - our expert group picked you as event winners. Congrats!🎉


I am sure everyone learned a lot over the course of the event and got many ideas of what can be done next year to solidify your Testing Resolutions! We will be keeping all articles in the open access, available under this label, in case you would like to revisit them - Wintertainment20


Before announcing the winners, I'd like to share some Wintertainment 2020 figures with you:


  • 10 great articles were posted (which one is your favorite? leave a comment below!)
  • 14 contributors participated in the event, thank you for all the valuable replies! And, thanks to the SmartBear Team who was there to address your questions!
  • 48 comments filled with useful info were written!


Without further ado, the 👑winners👑 of SmartBear Wintertainment 2020:


@Marsha_R - $25 + Winner Badge

@HimanshuTayal - $25 + Winner Badge
@SiKing - $25 + Winner Badge
@ApplePen - $25 + Winner Badge
@DSmachineWorld - $25 + Winner Badge
@tphillips - $25 + Winner Badge


Congratulations, you are amazing!


🎊Active participants🎊:


@mandhale - $10 + Winner Badge
@yhyman - $10 + Winner Badge
@sdeevers - $10 + Winner Badge
@ZDGN - $10 + Winner Badge
@Tara - $10 + Winner Badge
@rajs2020 - $10 + Winner Badge
@ChrisA - $10 + Winner Badge
@AlexKaras - $10 + Winner Badge


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and expertise with us! 


Leave Video Feedback and Win $50!


I am sure you have feedback to share about the Wintertainment event, please follow the instructions in this form to record a short video for us, this will only take you about 3-5 minutes and you get a chance to win $50:



We will merge your video testimonials into one awesome video clip and share it with the Community later! We are excited to see your faces!😊


Final thoughts on Wintertainment 2020: it has been a great journey. Thanks to all of you, the SmartBear Community was enriched with your experiences!

You have so many ideas and thoughts to share to help others, this is what makes the SmartBear Community such a wonderful place.



SmartBear Alumni (Retired)