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Wintertainment 2019 - Day 5: Make New Year Resolutions for 2020!

I’ve been really enjoying Wintertainment 2019 so far! Thank you Community!


Today, I’d like to talk about something that is equally anticipated and dreaded by everyone at the end of each year – New Year Resolutions!

On the one hand, it is quite exciting to plan good stuff for the upcoming year, on the other hand…what if you find out that your new list looks exactly like the old one because you are still consuming gallons of coffee and binge-watching Netflix instead of getting 8 hours of your beauty sleep?Cat LOL

I’ll tell you what – it is all good 🙂 The intention to improve is what matters.


Day 5 Topic

Let’s create New Year Resolutions 2020 today, and I’m sure, we are going to nail it this time. Here’s my list:


  • Read at least 30 books in 2020
  • Take up a creative hobby
  • Go back to making healthier food choices
  • Finish furnishing my apartment



Now, it is your turn, I’m eager to see what resolutions you have for 2020!

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As you know 2019 has almost got over. And whatever I had decided for the 2019 resolutions. I missed 1 of them to complete this year. And now for this year 2020, Here are my resolutions :-


  1. Reactivate my blog website and start writing the blogs on the tools I learnt this year (Pending resolution from 2019)
  2. Save money and invest more to some plans and get out of debts.
  3. Learn swimming and riding a 4-wheeler.
  4. To be more positive and stay away from the negative people.

So, these are my resolutions for 2020. WHAT IS YOURS?

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I've just checked the resolutions I gave in Wintertainment last year. Hmmm. No one 😞


Let me be more realistic this year.

  1. Fix my knee to start running more again
  2. Help my parents renovate their cottage
  3. Meet more with my relatives
  4. Have holidays in some awesome sea resort somewhere in the Dominican Republic or Costa Rica

@Andrew_Red@JamesFastReact@HimanshuTayal@Vallalarasu_P@Fyodor_A@msiadak@tristaanogre@Marsha_R@Olga_T@VladYatskovskiy, How many 2019 Resolutions did you cross off your list?






Unfortunatly non of them too Smiley Very Happy
I've made some progress in all of this areas comparing to 2018, but in every area there is space for improvement.

So my list for 2020 will be
1) Try to eliminate "techincal debt" from 2018 🙂
2) Work out way to include gym sessions into my week routine without significant impact on other activities
3) Start learning programming for Android platform
4) Learn more about handling personal finances well 🙂


@TanyaYatskovska, I definitely drink less coffee this year Smiley Wink


And my resolutions for 2020 are:


1. Spend more time with my family.

2. Learn how to save money Smiley Very Happy

3. Play more with my cat.

4. Take soft skills courses.

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Let's see....

From 2019

1) Weight loss and physical fitness are top of my list. -> Not exactly.  Gained some weight actually.  Need to work more at this

2) Start reading more books again. I've gotten lazy in my reading habits -> This has improved. I have a few books I've been working on this past year

3) Pursue my spiritual life more diligently -> This is a win.  It's been a spiritual journey this past year and has been a deepening time for me.


For 2020

1) Let's see about that weight loss this year.  

2) Improve my patience level with others.  I tend to be an impatient person at times.

3) Keep that spiritual growth going.  Don't stop now just when I've got things started.

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@tristaanogre Point No 2 resolution for 2020 is applied for me also. Smiley Mad

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I can help with #1. How about a morning run at SmartBear Connect next April? I've been gathering a group 🙂

BTW, 3 days passed. Can we already congratulate you?



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If I go to connect, we'll give the run a try if you don't mind a middle aged, out of shape dude jogging along with you. 🙂


And... yes...

Me and my new wife, MarionMe and my new wife, Marion


My list of resolutions for 2020:
1. Stop being late (Mission: Impossible Smiley LOL)
2. Do the splits. 
3. Read at least 20 books.
4. Try snowboarding

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Congratulations @tristaanogre! You look lovely together 🙂





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@tristaanogre :

Robert, my congratulations to you and Marion!

( a) I really like to picture behind the window - seems to be a nice place...; b) Here, where I am, we used to celebrate weddings on Friday or Saturday to have more time for (post-) celebration 😄 )


@sonya_m :

> Read at least 30 books in 2020

Being a naughty tester... 😉

365 days in a year divided by 30 books equals to approx. 12 days per book...

If I were reviewing your Resolutions Plan I would raise an yellow medium risk flag 😄



But you may get a revenge with review of mine 🙂


In professional area I would really like to participate and improve my skills with:

-- API and load testing;

-- Functional mobile (Android) testing with TestComplete;

-- Project with services virtualization using ServiceV.

The bad news is that such projects are very infrequent here... So there is a big chance that this will appear to be ongoing plan.


In hobby area I would like to improve my experience with metal welding and woodturning. This seems to be under my control, so I have a hope... 😄




@Olga_T : Any chance to talk to your cat at the end of 2020 and wonder if you succeed ? 😉 (Cats are really serious creatures, so consider this topic of your plan responsibly)


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@tristaanogre - Congratulations Robert to you and your wife and Merry Christmas and a good year ahead. You will always be my motivator.. Good to see you and your family Smiley HappySmiley HappySmiley Happy!!! 


Would like to connect to the community members on LinkedIn for future references :-


Your Well Wisher :-

Ashutosh Anshu

Bengaluru, India

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My list for 2020

1. Help my father in law in taking care of my mother in law after work who has alzheimer

2.Read every other day after dinner atleast for half hour

3.Crochet every other day and create new projects, i was ristricted to crochet or knit due to my shoulder injury, now i am able to do so, like to post one of the sample of my creation

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Congrats Robert!   


Yes, @TanyaYatskovska, I am sticking with my 2019 plan of don't make the goals a yearly thing!  🙂


I was complaining to a friend this week about not getting things done as I had intended and he said "are you better off now than you were this time last year?"  (we also mentioned decade)  And yes, I am way better off, so something must be moving forward!   

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Thanks for the review Smiley Happy

Back in the University I used to read 2 books per week, so I actually have high hopes for this Cat LOL


@varsha What a nice sweater!


@tristaanogre Congratulations!