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Wintertainment 2019 - Day 5: Make New Year Resolutions for 2020!

I’ve been really enjoying Wintertainment 2019 so far! Thank you Community!


Today, I’d like to talk about something that is equally anticipated and dreaded by everyone at the end of each year – New Year Resolutions!

On the one hand, it is quite exciting to plan good stuff for the upcoming year, on the other hand…what if you find out that your new list looks exactly like the old one because you are still consuming gallons of coffee and binge-watching Netflix instead of getting 8 hours of your beauty sleep?Cat LOL

I’ll tell you what – it is all good 🙂 The intention to improve is what matters.


Day 5 Topic

Let’s create New Year Resolutions 2020 today, and I’m sure, we are going to nail it this time. Here’s my list:


  • Read at least 30 books in 2020
  • Take up a creative hobby
  • Go back to making healthier food choices
  • Finish furnishing my apartment



Now, it is your turn, I’m eager to see what resolutions you have for 2020!

Day 5 -Resolutions093.png






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