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Wintertainment 2019 - Day 4: Which Certificates Have You Earned



I like seeing all these great conversations in Wintertainment 2019! Today, I want to start a new one. This year, I’ve taken several awesome training classes and got certificates, including the SoapUI Pro Certificate. In the SmartBear Academy, there are many training options that you might find interesting – enroll in the one you like.


Day 4 Topic

Where do you usually get the up-to-date information about the industry?

Which training have you taken this year?

Did you earn any certificates?

Even if you enrolled in non-QA training, feel free to share it with us, as well!


In addition to the SoapUI Pro training, I’ve started practicing yoga and achieved great progress. I believe I will get some Yoga Certificate, too! 🙂


I look forward to hearing about your training classes.Day 4 - Training34.png






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Where do you usually get the up-to-date information about the industry?  - Mostly, I get the updates from the and sometimes I use and . And for the SMARTBEAR tools, This community is more than enough to follow.

Which training have you taken this year? - I took training on Robot Framework.

Did you earn any certificates? - Yes, I earned 2-3 certificates in UI automation. 


I have not done any API automation certifications. I joined free webinar from SMARTBEAR also for API sessions. That was very useful. And also have registered for the programme to brush up my skills of ReadyAPI.


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Not in technology, but multiple certificates in Audax

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I completed several training classes to improve my public speaking. Well... I cannot say that I see great progress. However, now I know that I need to take a deep breath before the speech. 


Also, not in technology, I listen to many podcasts of completely different themes while running. I think the format of podcasts is brilliant. You can do whatever you want by listening them.



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I am just starting out in automated testing with TestComplete, looking forward to learning it.

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I'm in the middle of training on an application that I'm going to start testing in January.  It's a purchasing system and is a hybrid of a packaged app and a homegrown one.  One more class to go!


@TanyaYatskovska I took acting classes for a while, just for fun, and they turned out to help my public speaking as well.  Taking a breath was something our teacher reminded us of too, at the beginning and also in the middle if you're getting lost or distracted.  You might try acting class just as a change!



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Thanks for the suggestion, Marsha!

The acting classes are so great. I took several at school. It was very fun 🙂

I don't even know if we have acting classes for adults in my location. I'll need to check this.



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I uselly get information about industry from 

For Smart Bear information-Community is the best   

I did not complete any traing or certification this year

Yes, i learn (Non Qa Training) lot of light and hard phisical therapy excercises to recover my injury as well help me in my routine tasks

Also learn meditaion to control pain and stress- but there is no certificates

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@TanyaYatskovska If you have community theatres near you, you may find classes there.  🙂