Wintertainment 2019 - Day 3: Your Wishes to The Next Participant



I hope you’ve enjoyed the Wintertainment 2019 so far.

Over the past two days, we have been discussing topics related to the SmartBear products. Let’s digress a bit and think about us, people!


Day 3 Topic

Post a comment under this topic and wish something great to the next person who will post here. You can wish anything: to learn something new, get a new great tool like a Peloton, be healthy, etc.

How many wishes can we wish?

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Community Manager

I’ll start:


Dear next poster,

I wish you to consider running. I never thought that I would go running. However, now, it’s become an important part of my life – it keeps me energized and helps at work. This exercise is definitely a must for everyone. You will like it 😉

Community Manager

Thank you, Tanya!
I will consider running Cat Happy I definitely need extra energy!


Dear next poster,
I wish that you have more free time in 2020 to take up a hobby, something you've been wanting to do for a long time! Have a great and productive year.

Community Hero

Thank you, Sonya!


This is what I am paying attention to during a couple of past years. I agree that one must not give all his/her time to primary work only. Even if it seems to be too interesting and important. It really helps when you may and can switch to some other activity and make a go of it.


My wish to the next poster (and equally to all others) will be tedious, but the more one lives, the more he/she understands that it is difficult to live without health. [And] "all your money can't another minute buy" -- ( c ) Kansas - Dust In The Wind -- only your health can do this for you. So, be healthy, run, spend your time for hobby, even starving is not that terrible while your health is with you.

Community Hero

Thanks, Alex. And that is certain truth that I've learned over the last year... life's too short to waste it on the temporary stuff.


Dear next poster,


May this next year find you content... not just happy because happiness changes with circumstances...but content.  That you will find yourself satisfied, that you will have "enough", that you will not have need or want or desire because you will find yourself in a place where all these things have been fulfilled.  


So taking on board "Life is too short to waste"


Dear next poster,


Remember with the season upon us "Sharing is caring" whether in work life share some knowledge or personal life share with those less well off.  As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said "The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little"

Super Contributor

Thanks @DWalsh Thats a nice saying.. Sharing is caring, Thats what we do here.


Dear next poster,


Hope you have a prosperous new year. This year brings you great happines, good health and the achievement. As you know, Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. So, there is one risk you should avoid at any cost. That is the risk of doing nothing. Do something new this year. And, share it for sure.

Occasional Contributor

Thanks @avidCoder really wonderful thought life is about creating our self

Dear next smart bear buddy

Wish you have a very happy crative and possitive energetic year ahead. Every day we are learning somthing new till end of life. So, use all new learend lessions for feature and be possitive and enerjetic -Happiness will follow 


Thanks @varsha . I will keep up to the creative aspect of me!


Dear next poster:

I wish you to value the person in your life that always be real around you. That person who is raw with you must be appreciated and cherished in this fake world of actors and decievers. I wish you a great partnership with that fellow human who shows what they feel to you. That's a real human!


Thank you a lot, @charlzpaul!


Dear next poster and @TanyaYatskovska (since you were the first),


I wish you will have something that makes you happy every day. Don't pay attention to temporary troubles, have energy (maybe as a result of jogging Smiley Wink) to achieve your goals and don't forget to dream!
And, of course, be healthy cause this is very important!

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