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Wintertainment 2019 - Day 1: How Well Do You Know SmartBear?

Greetings SmartBear Community!


I'm happy to announce that today we are starting our annual December event ā€“

SmartBear Community Wintertainment 2019!


During one week (Dec 2-6), each day, we will discuss the most exciting New Year topics, share our stories and ideas and have fun. Once you have something to share or you are fed up with testing (can this ever happen?), come join us and relax by talking with peers šŸ™‚ Post as many comments as you can and the most active participants with great stories will be rewarded with gifts from SmartBear.GiftBox_small.png


The first topic is a tough one. I want to challenge you! Iā€™m sure you are using one or several SmartBear products regularly. However, how well do you know SmartBear?


Day 1 activity

  • Complete a short quiz to check how well you know SmartBear. How many points do you get? 
  • Share your experience of using a SmartBear product. You can follow this plan:
    • Product name
    • How many years you have been using the product
    • Which features you like the most
    • What was the most interesting project you implemented by using the product


The Wintertainment event will take place on Dec 2-6. We will suggest a new topic to discuss each day. Participate in as many discussions as you can. Only the comments left during this time period will be considered when deciding the winners.


Let Wintertainment 2019 begin!


Looking forward to reading your stories!


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