Wintertainment 2018 - Meet the Winners



Today, I'm happy to announce the winners of SmartBear Community Wintertainment 2018!

During the entire last week, we've been sharing our thoughts about different topics and learning more about each other! I'm sure you found out a lot of interesting things and we had fun 🙂


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A lot of community members participated in the event:

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The most active day - Share your Jokes and make @AlexeyKryuchkov laugh. He laughed a lot that day and several days later 🙂

A debute in the Community staff - @Alex_I. You gave him awesome ideas about what to learn in 2019. 



All of you were so active during the event!  This is incredible. We could not decide one winner - it was very difficult to select the only one or even two. So, please join me in congratulating:


@HimanshuTayal for earning the Active Environmentalist award for his great gift ideas!

@JamesFastReact for earning the Automation Advocate award for his awesome achievement in 2018!

@CyamiAnbu for earning the Gift Idea Generator award. Anbu gave one of the biggest numbers of ideas!

@Vallalarasu_P for earning the Eager Learner award for indefatigable willingness to learn new things!

@tristaanogre for earning the Mysterious Gremlin Master award. Robert knows how to make everyone laugh!

@varsha for earning the Comfort Creator award. Varsha knows how to make the workplace feel like home 😉

@IronSpidey for earning the Top Fidget Toys Player award. Everybody should give themselves a little break at work 🙂

@Marsha_R for earning the Biggest Star Trek Fan award. Marsha declared this - we don't argue!

@msiadak for earning the Greatest Novelist award. Matthew, we are looking forward to reading your novel!

@santi for earning the Test Reviver award for the most challenging New Year's resolution!

@avidCoder for earning the Hard Worker award for incredible contribution to the company work!

@ijaz5 for earning the TestComplete Enthusiast award. We love your passion for TestComplete 🙂

@RUDOLF_BOTHMA for earning the Super Hero Night Tester award. Rudolf, sleep more 🙂


Congratulations everyone, YOU ROCK! 

We will assign a special SmartBear Community Wintertainment 2018 badge to all of you:Wintertainment-2018-badge.png


From SmartBear, I'll be happy to send you a $10 gift card - please use it to buy some gifts for the holidays GiftBox_small.png


That was a great event! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! 

Next year, there will be even more events! Stay tuned.


Happy Holidays 🙂 



Community Manager
Super Contributor

@TanyaYatskovska - A big Thanks to you for my advance birthday (25th Dec) and the christmas gift. Smiley Happy

Community Hero

Mysterious Gremlin Master!  Yes!  OK, that's going in my signature line for the community.  🙂

Frequent Contributor

I congratulate every winner. Let all celebrate and make the community better.


Proud to receive Eager Learner award. Thanks for the jury. 

Community Hero

Thank you!  Now if you could convince the devs not to argue about my bugs.  Smiley Very Happy

Occasional Contributor

Wohooooooooo !!!! TestComplete Enthusiast award. This really made my day  and boosted my confidence. I also congratualte all the winners, Thank you so much for your gift 🙂


Congratulations to all the winners! It was really a pleasure to read each of your replies!

Happy holidays! Smiley Happy

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