Wintertainment 2018 - Day 5: Make Resolutions

Hi Community,


Here it comes, the time of the year when we feel we can turn over a new leaf and start a new life! Many people all over the world make their New Year's resolutions and get motivated to start the new year of the right foot - whether they want to increase performance, stop being late or drink less coffee.


I have made my resolutions, so, what about yours? Smiley Wink

I dare you to make up your own list of New Year's resolutions!

Make your resolutions and post them here. Keep them at hand and motivate peers!


Today is the last day of our Wintertainment event, so hurry up to share your ideas – the most active participants will be rewarded.





1. Stop being late.

2. Sleep more.

3. Talk less 🙂

4. Move more.

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I need to find more ways to introduce some physical activity into my daily routine!

Community Manager

@JamesFastReact, just do some physical exercises morning. My rules: the morning workout is done - the entire day is free! You can do everything you want (even eat whatever you want Smiley Happy! )


So, my 2019 resolutions:

1. Relax more - seating on a sofa is a good thing 🛌

2. Watch Games of Thrones (I stopped watching after the 3-rd season for the reason I don't remember now)

3. Run a full marathon 🥇 - 42.195 kilometers (26.219 miles; 26 miles 385 yards). The New York marathon sounds awesome....

4. Make my colleagues run more Smiley Happy 🏃

5. Start doing a snowboard jump in 360 like an expert 🏂

6. Make people do what I want 😈

7. Follow my 2019 resolutions!

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For me is to made no resolution, coz there is a saying 


Rules are created to be broken 😛 


Every Year's Resolution:


So do whatever you want to do but always be a good human being. 🙂

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Okay, I have a couple, too...


  1. Start going to work on foot. At least when the weather is nice. It will take me about an hour or so, which is some great exersice right in the morning. Plus, I could listen to some audio books on my way to work.
  2. Do more charity work. I have some ideas that could help a local animal shelter.
  3. Care more about the environment, stop being lazy about it.
  4. Get back on track with my hobbies that I always struggle to find time for - beading, drawing, playing the guitar.
  5. Finish crafting a Legendary Greatsword for my necromancer in Guild Wars 2 Cat LOL

The 4th and the 5th kinda cancel out though Cat LOL


Here is a list with some of my intentions for the next year:

  • Take enough time to stop and think
  • Keep trying to find the balance between being productive and calm
  • Continue getting to work by bicycle every day
  • Take part in the Tour Divide Unite race
  • Get better at understanding people
  • Get better at understanding myself
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1. Travel more places.

2. Try different food.

3. Meet new people

4. Learn New Technologies 

5. Limit the user of Smartphone

6. Don't skip the breakfast

7. Spread Happiness

8. Author a book (On Happiness) 


Let's see...

Apart from all obvious things such as physical, professional, mental activities and traveling, there are several goals for 2019:


  • Move to a new apartment.
  • Get a driving license.
  • Get a tattoo.
  • Find a girlfriend.


And yes, almost forgot. Take over the world, as ever 🙂


Make testing more se## . I want to prove them wrong, who said testing is dead.

Community Hero
1.) Continue my weight loss journey. (I'm down 112+ pounds so far.) 2.) Finish my novel! 3.) Get better at time management. 4.) Continue learning every day. There's a world of knowledge out there.
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1) Weight loss and physical fitness are top of my list.

2) Start reading more books again. I've gotten lazy in my reading habits

3) Pursue my spiritual life more diligently


my 2019 resolutions:
- start telling and showing other teams what UX Team do ❣️
- post portfolio works to blog
- swim 1200 meters per session (now only 1000) 🐬
- start English courses 👐

Community Hero

Keep up my resolution to not make New Year's resolutions!  Don't wait to make a change.  Start on it now if you want to do it.  If you don't want to do it, aiming for new year is not going to help.  🙂


Wow, great point, @Marsha_R

That's just so inspiring that I think I am now going to stick to it too, thank you Cat Happy

I don't really like whole idea of New Year resolutions because it seems to me kind of self-excuse to postpone something to any artificial checkpoint as "Monday", "Next Month", "New Year" and so. I think it's better to see it as setting some time limit to getting things done, so in my To-Do list for the next 365 days


  1. Normalize my sleep-wake cycle, which is really important itself but also will help a lot to stop being late to work 🙂
  2. Improve functioning of test system I responsible for to the point when I don't need to work from home nearly every day.
  3. Read at least 20 books
  4. As running comrade @TanyaYatskovska said - run a full marathon, but for me it probably would be Moscow.
  5. Take 12 learning courses


All except third seems quite hard to do, but we should aim high, shouldn't we ? 🙂

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