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Wintertainment 2018 - Day 2: Share Your Achievements for 2018

Hi All,


I hope you are enjoying SmartBear Community Wintertainment so far.

Today, I would like to talk about 2018. It’s time to recollect the most outstanding tasks we performed in 2018!

I’m sure you are eager to share them with your manager 🙂 We want to hear about them, as well!


Share your 2018 achievements by leaving your comments here.

The most active participants will be rewarded on Dec 17.


Did you set up a new testing framework in your company? Did you automate all your manual tests?

Did you earn the Community Leader status? Any other outstanding achievements?


I’m waiting for your comments 🙂






Community Manager
Senior Member

This year I have succesfuly created several Tests Suites that are run every sprint using Test Complete and Test Execute!


Saving the company time and money by covering more areas during testing periods that would not be achievable through manual testing alone! Proving to the company that it's worth investing in more resources in automation!




Super Contributor

For me, 2018 was the most learning/achievable year for me. Apart from having expertise in most popular automation tools such as Selenium, Protractor, Rational Functional Tester. I got opportunity to learn Ready API and automate some of the toughest microservices for the client. And for this I got lot many appreciation from the managers as well as from client also. They were quite impresed with the tool functionality and the working mechanism. I was using ready API - 2.3.0 at that time. I am extremely happy to share some of the challenges I faced while automating the giant microservices. Happy Reading... !!!


Did you set up a new testing framework in your company?

Yes, firstly I created a very basic framework to understand the flow of Ready API tool and to get through all the process of it such as microservice automation, implementing extent report tool for reporting purpose, Jenkins integration etc. After this POC was done, I had to showcase/deliver/present to the client about how I am going to proceed with their microservices. All the microservices were based on REST. And It was very helpful once you have JSON as a response to handle any kind of response coming from the server. There were situations where I had to use other micorservices response data to automate others. I mean, all the microservices were linked to each other. To fetch small chunks of data I had to first automate the high level web services. And later on, making it as a generic groovy script and calling it again and again where ever I required it. Some places, I had to use selenium code to automate the UI part and then integrate it with the micros services automation. so, overall it was like kind of a tough job for me in initial phase, but later on it was very easy to use that frameowrk also along with the tools. Now, after the automation. it use to take not more than 5-10 min to run 150-200 testcases together. So, it helped the client to save time for them. And the reporting part was also integrated together to get the overall result hitting to the email of each and every automation resources with status as PASS or FAIL. The best thing was, where ever I was not able to implement some of the logics in groovy, I used Java technology. It really helped me. I went through numerous tutorial of Ready API and even joined the community also to learn the things and to help others also.


The best features of Ready API which I really liked are:-

  1. Auth 2.0 validation - I required it numerous no. of time to fetch the auth token. if I'd have also used Java auth 2.0 code to fetch this. But it saved my time.
  2. Data Generator - Which I used in many places in the framework.
  3. Assertion Options - Why to worry if SmartBear has provided you list of assertion types. Appreciate it. !!!
  4. Property Transfer - This step I used whenever there was any dependency in microservices.
  5. DataSink, DataSource - It saved my time by avoiding huge lines of groovy code to maintain external files.
  6. Dark Themes - Last but not the least, But this feature should have implemented earlier by SmartBear team. But it came quite late in Ready API 2.3.0 version. It helps to read the things properly for those who has eye sight problems.

Did you automate all your manual tests?

Yes, I automated most of the test cases which were automatable. Some of them were not achievable because of some dependency with other tools. But, It helped a lot.


Did you earn the Community Leader status? Any other outstanding achievements?

Still, I am trying to earn this badge as a community leader. Currently, being a FREQUENT CONTRIBUTOR, I have helped lot of community members and also got help from them.

I have also recommeded this tool in my new organization. And sometimes, I am being called for the Ready API sessions.. 🙂 That's really an achievement for me being a SME for this tool.

I'd like to admire some of the members who really helped me - Thank you msiadak, nastya_khovrina, nmrao and lucian


Community Hero

Hey @TanyaYatskovska!!!!


What a co-insidence is that same day today last year 11-12-2017, i joined this community.

First of all thank you for posting this Article on the same day 🙂


This whole year was full of learning and i learned SoapUI, SoapUI Pro, ReadyAPI and also get chance to do hands-on on all these 3 tools.


Thanks to the summer challenge, from when i became so active here on Community, and i find this platform as to increase the knowledge by sharing my knowledge and learning from others


1. Got chance so many times to help others

2. Also gains my knowledge by reading and implementing the solutions provided by other community members.

3. Also win the summer API badge (Precious one 🙂 )

4. Then switched my organisation for carrer growth

5. Implemented a Data-driven framework in new organisation still working on extended Reports for customise Reporting( Thanks to @Lucian, from where i got idea and motivation to do so)

5. Then a most special moment when i saw my name on Community Leader Board


Thanks to all for help and support the whole year!!!!!!!

Happy learning to all the members!!!!!!!



Himanshu Tayal


Hi all,


In 2018, I joined the ReadyAPI Community for the API Summer event which gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with this great team of experts! It was an amazing event, and I was happy to stay in the team as a moderator. Managing a community was a brand new experience for me, and it was a challenging and exciting task. I feel very proud to be part of the team


Olga Terentieva,
SmartBear Assistant Community Manager


I integrated TestComplete with the NodeJS neural network library during hackathon event. Very happy about it. 🙂

Frequent Contributor



I create a framework which can be utilize by manual tester to automate most the scenarios by updating the excel sheet (Keyword component). To explain this,

I managed the project with Test Scenario Excel sheet which reads another set of  excel (Test Cases excel with Test Steps). The advantage was every single resource can create their own scripts as manual testing without interfereing any other code.


Integration was to give the Test Case excel path in the Test Scenarion excel and to set flag (Yes or No). 


Setting up and automation framework which manul testers can use.

Integration of all the Test Cases where easier

Execution can be run from a batch 

Configurating the Test Suite happened from Test scenario Excel

Resource not required to open the tool to design test case

Execution can be done using batch file which triggers test scenario excel 


SOAPUI Opensource


Creation of SOAPUI Framework using Groovy scripting

Execution - Execute all the Test steps based on your excel configuration.

Export Logs - It will export your Log output, Error Log , SOAPUI Log to an Textfile which created the files in run time with timestamp.  

Export Response - Will export response file to an external notepad.





Community Hero

Did you set up a new testing framework in your company? One of the achievements of 2018 that I am most proud of is building out automated tests via Jenkins for new endeavors my team is taking on. I am working on re-architecting the way we do our tests to better support testing this way, so we can eventually have regression tests and defect checks done automatically without having to tie up the most valuable resource, a tester. 😉 This is something completely new to the way that we handle testing, and it has taken some hard work and thinking to get all of the pieces to fall in line, but I am working on implementing this service by service today.


Did you earn the Community Leader status? I did, and it’s been great as always to be part of the community here at Smartbear. The knowledge sharing and the depth of that knowledge is staggering. I love being part of the team!


Any other outstanding achievements? Unrelated to this, but something I am proud of, is that I’m in the process of having a fifth short story published, partnered with my wife doing an illustration to accompany it.


This year I became Outstanding SmartBear Community Hero and I'm very proud of this! This is one of the most elite internal nominees we have here at SmartBear.

Community Certificate.png

Community Hero

For the second year in a row, I was able to present a topic for a talk at SmartBear Connect.  I was told it was one of the most highly rated talks of the event.  I've also maintained my community hero status for the TestComplete community forums.  My year has had it's challenges on the personal side of things so to be able to continue to excel professional despite those challenges has been a great achievement in itself.

Community Manager

Happy anniversary, Himanshu!


That was an incredibly fast year 🙂 It looks like all of you are happy to be with the SmarBear Community. May I count it as one of my achievements?! 🙂

Community Hero

Congrats, @Nastya_Khovrina! That is epic and awesome! 


You certainly canm @TanyaYatskovska! We're here because of how awesome you and the team make this place. 🙂 

Community Hero

Like @tristaanogre, I was able to keep up my Community Hero status in spite of personal and work challenges.  I really enjoy helping out!

Community Manager

Hi everyone,


It is pretty much the same for me as for @Olga_T 😄 I was introduced to the amazing world of the SmartBear Community and took park in managing events here which was awesome. Thanks to @TanyaYatskovska I learnt a lot of stuff this year!


Here's something more personal - I started learning Japanese several months ago and made some progress, so, that's great, too! Cat Happy 

It's hard to name the most important achievement at work. Because of one of our company internal initiative I know that my colleagues don't see huge plast of my activity and they are impressed most by things that looked minor for me Smiley LOL
So from their point of view the most important thing I've done this year at work was improvement of internal helper system used to access test virtual machines.
As for me it was rework of tests launch process that dramatically increased it's stability and make it semi-automatic.
If we speak about out-work things, I've beaten my laziness, dove deeper into world of running and successfuly took part in first for me half-marathon.

Community Hero

Very Thanks @TanyaYatskovska,


Yes this is a achievement of yours and all those who are involving in making and successfully completing these events 🙂

These Events gave chance to all the community members to talk more and understand more 🙂


Big Thanks to SmartBear Team


Occasional Contributor

This year 2018 was challenging for me which in return give me some acheivement. After getting acquainted with testcomplete tool, I really liked this tool the way it simplify automation and making tester to focus on real testing. Then I wanted to give few demos to my team to show them what testcomplete can do and how it can add value to our testing process. 

Now we have licensed tool and I am using it to develop data driven testing framework in which I am using data set from excel sheets. Running test with huge data sets and getting results quickly.  Amazing isn't it!
Still long way to go ! But I am on it. I am also thankful to this commuinty for always being helpful to my probelms 🙂






In 2018, I celebrated my first anniversary as an employee of SmartBear. 

Community Hero

Late to the party, but thought I'd share a bit.


To the question if all our testing is automated now, the answer is "Far from it!"  I work with web pages with DevX which pose their own, unique challenges.  The functional web testers community can vouch for that - thanks for the input and advice, guys !  The product I work with has more than 100 web pages to test, each with multiple possible scenarios.  I can't see us having full coverage any time soon.  What makes me quite proud of the work is how much I have achieved, being the only person in our entire organisation working on the testing and pretty much all of that is done in the evenings in my spare time.  Developer in the day, superhero tester by night !  Although the coverage is far from done, the parts of the automation that is done is solid, repeatable and efficient.  It is also the model of how the entire testing approach is in our organisation.  Not many people can say they singlehandedly defined the entire testing approach for an organisation.  I'm quite chuffed that I was able to script it in an extremely flexible way so that anybody from developer through to product consultant will now be able to pick up the toolkit I have built and quickly cobble together a test for a new scenario without any requirement for continuous intervention from me.  Next challenge: Figure out how to not have a nightmare of a time trying to maintain tests in an environment that is constantly changing.


It was challenging year but at end we are quite successful in what we wanted to achieve in terms of automation. I have created several framework from scratch 


1. Previously for angular based application, we used open source and we adopted test complete. we faced some initial issues but finally we got success.

2. We migrated from a Spectron based framework to Test Complete based framework it was quite a journey with lot of struggle in identification of latest electron based application but with smartbear patch, we overcome that as well.

3. We also moving from JS to Python 3.x in scripting and it was working like a charm.


I will update as we progress but it's quite stimulating experience for us on our shifting focus from Opensource to TestComplete based frameworks design with reusability and maintainability our core focus.


Thanks and wish smartbear all very best.



Santi Santosh mahapatra 


It is my first month in Smartbear. I'm still here. That's an achievement for me!