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Video Interview with Andrew Barbet (@MisterB) - SmartBear Community Leader

This is an interview with a Zephyr Scale Community Leader - Andrew Barbet aka @MisterB! We talk about Andrew's path to success, what it takes to become a QA expert, and how you can master a test management tool such as Zephyr Scale in a span of six months.



Andrew Barbet is a SmartBear Community Leader. He works as a freelance consultant with a telecoms company. Andrew is a great Zephyr Scale expert and the first Community Leader specializing in Zephyr Scale. What's even more interesting - Andrew (or, Andy, how he calls himself on the forums) became a Zephyr Scale pro within half a year's time!



00:00 Introduction

00:41 Andrew's background

04:40 How Andrew started working with Zephyr Scale

06:55 How to become a great Zephyr Scale expert in under 6 months - Andrew's story

08:36 Andrew's thoughts on Zephyr Squad and Zephyr Enterprise

09:05 Andrew's onboarding with Zephyr Scale

09:57 Why Andrew decided to start participating in the SmartBear Community

11:22 The best ways to self-educate

12:45 The key to success in QA

14:33 A special message for the Zephyr Scale Community


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