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TestLeft 2.0 Has Been Released


welcome the second version of our newest functional testing tool for dev-testers – TestLeft 2.0


Our Team has significantly improved the product – a lot of new features have been added, and some issues have been fixed. Read the What’s New article to learn about all the changes.


Here are several new features:

  1. UI Spy now supports:
    1. "point-and-fix" selection;
    2. connecting to remote computers;
    3. filtering displayed properties and methods;
    4. viewing parameterized properties and object values;
    5. and much more.
  2. Object models to separate object identification from test logic.
  3. project templates for Visual Studio was added.
  4. Testing of Oracle Forms.
  5. The FindAll method with LINQ support.


If you are already a TestLeft customer, log in to your SmartBear Account ( ) to download the installation file.


Also, you can check out TestLeft 2.0 after requesting the trial here:


Good luck in testing 🙂

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)