[Q1 2019 Leaders] Meet the New Top Quarterly Community Contributors



Today, we are happy to announce the top quarterly contributors. Some of you may think that these members were online 24 hours a day for the last 3 months because of their great willingness to help you πŸ™‚ They are always ready to give everyone valuable advice. Please join me in congratulating the Q1 2019 Community Leaders πŸ‘


Q1 2019 Leaders collage_600.jpgDuring Q1, these people posted 1524 replies (41% of all replies) and got 586 kudos (42% of all kudos). Please meet the new Leaders. Guys, you rock! 

We'll be happy to present you with a $50 gift card as a reward from SmartBear. I'll contact all of you soon.


Let me remind you that everyone can earn the Leader status. Start contributing to the Community today, give more solutions and get more Kudos, and you'll get a chance to be on the list of the Leaders next quarter. Read the Become a Leader article for more information.

Community Manager
Community Hero

I think I see a few new names in that list.  Congrats to everyone!  It, honestly, doesn't take a whole lot of effort to obtain this leader status if you are passionate about your chosen tool and wish to help others.  Just post replies, help answer questions, build people up and encourage them in their efforts.  

Again, congrats to everyone!

Community Hero

Hey, thanks!  And congratulations to everyone!  

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Congratulations! You have all helped a lot of people!
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