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October 2019 | SmartBear Community News Journal

Hi Community!


I hope you like when a new quarter starts as much as I do 🙂 This is the time when we learn new community leaders! Do you see familiar names on the list of leaders? Perhaps, is it your colleague? Or, maybe have found your name on the list? Join us in congratulating the leaders by posting your comments here. 


Full news:


[Leaders] Congratulate the new Leaders

Q3Leaders.jpgI'm so excited to announce new community leaders. These people demonstrated an indefatigable and valuable contribution to the SmartBear Community last quarter. And, you appreciated such a contribution by giving the biggest number of Kudos to them. Please meet the leaders:




Join me in congratulating the leaders and please give a special welcome to our new leader - Wamboo. Welcome to the Team! Guys, you are so awesome! We will assign a special "Q3 2019 Community Leader" badge to your accounts. And, of course, we will be happy to send you $50 gift cards from SmartBear.



[Video] 7 API Testing Mistakes

350.pngWe are in the middle of the 7 Common API Testing Mistakes series with Robert Schneider. Thanks to Robert, we've already stopped making some of API testing mistakes. Let's watch the latest videos to learn more about what we will need to avoid doing:

Mistake #4: Separating Load Testing from Functional Testing

Mistake #5: Testing Only Positive Scenarios


Any comments/questions? Just post them here.



[Forum] Hot discussions

Let's recollect the hottest discussions we had last month. Have something to add? Just leave your comments.


[site] New Community Design


I simply love the SmartBear orange gear bear. Do you? That's why I'm so happy to announce the new community design with lots of improvements. 


Feel free to leave your comments or the suggestion about future improvements you wish to see.





That's all for today. Enjoy being with the SmartBear Community - we are happy you are with us!













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