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Greetings Community,


In this journal, you will learn the most exciting news about the SmartBear Community: enjoy watching the video interview and congratulate the new Community Leaders! If there were more highlights for you in October you'd like to share with us, just leave your comment. And, of course, give me Kudos if you like the journal!


[VIDEO] Interview with a Leader


I'm sure many of you are familiar with @baxatob, Yuri Vakhatov, the TestComplete Community Leader. Watch this interview to learn more about Yury. He lives in Latvia and has a very rich background and great skills in development, technical documentation creation, and software quality assurance management. In the interview, he provides exclusive advice on how to set up an effective testing framework and much more!




If you want to watch more interviews with Community Leaders and Heroes, look for articles with the Interview label.



Q3 2018 Community LEaderscollage_400.png

I'm so excited to announce new quarterly Community Leaders!

During July-September, all these people were contributing a lot to the Community. They posted 50% of all replies, 62% of solutions, and you gave them 74% of Kudos. How awesome is that?


I'm sure our Leaders helped a lot of you. Join me in congratulating them - just leave your comment here.


Leaders for TEST products: @tristaanogre@cunderw@AlexKaras@baxatob@Marsha_R@shankar_r

Leaders for API products: @JHunt@Lucian@msiadak @richie@jhanzeb1@HimanshuTayal@Radford


SmartBear Connect 2018


We will meet as early as this month! On October 29-30, we will be happy to see all of you at SmartBear Connect in Boston. During 2 days, we will be learning a lot of exclusive use cases from the industry experts, chat with SmartBear Product Teams and network with peers.


We provide an exclusive discount for community members - you can get your $100 off ticket! Just use the SBC-Community-18 discount code when buying the ticket.







SmartBear Product Releases

Last month, we updated many of our products:

  • TestComplete/TestExecute 12.6 with new AI object recognition.
  • QAComplete 11.9 with exploratory testing capabilities and integration with CrossBrowserTesting and ReadyAPI.
  • ReadyAPI 2.5 (SoapUI Pro, LoadUI Pro, ServiceV Pro) which offers a number of new extensions for the integration.
  • LoadComplete 4.8 with improved support for creating comprehensive tests without additional scripting.
  • Collaborator 11.4 with support for custom fields to review Checklists and much more.
  • TestLeft 2.60 with an improved UI Spy panel and support for newest technologies.



October 10th  5PM & 9 PM (GMT+3) | Adopting a Design First Approach with OAS 3.0 & Swagger

In this webinar, we will look at the benefits of a design first approach to OAS, and look at how teams can leverage the latest version of the OpenAPI Specification (OAS 3.0), and Swagger tools.


October 11th 9AM (GMT)  & October 11th 10PM (ET) |  SmartBear Academy - CrossBrowserTesting 101

Join us for free training on CrossBrowserTesting hosted by our Technical Engineers. Our 101 level class will be focused on introductory level topics in CrossBrowserTesting.


October 16th 9AM (GMT) & October 16th 10:30AM (ET)SmartBear Academy - Collaborator 101

In this free training hosted by our technical engineers, we will cover the basics of getting started with Collaborator.


October 16th 3PM (GMT+3) & 9PM (GMT+3)REST Testing Made Easy with SoapUI Pro

We'll help you better understand the intricacies of testing REST APIs and show you how the right tooling can help accelerate the process.


October 17th 11AM (ET) / 3PM GMTSmartBear Academy - SwaggerHub 101

This 101 training is designed to help you get the most out of all of the tools and features SwaggerHub has to offer - whether you are just getting started or an experienced user.


You can review all the webinars on our Event page.



If you like the news, give me your Kudos 🙂

And, of course, feel free to post your comments here.

Community Manager
Community Leader

Hey @TanyaGorbunova,


Thank you so much for sharing this very useful post with usefull links, but i have a cocern with timings.

If I am in India and i need to attend these training then i need to wake up till 1:00 in the night + training time.


Can you do something regarding this as there are too many members out there from different timezones

or if i subscribe for training then is there any recording available for these sessions?


if you like it, remember to give "kudos" 🙂


Himanshu Tayal

Community Manager

Hi Himanshu,


As far as I know, all training sessions are being recorded. So, you should get a link to watch the training after it's finished.

However, I'll let our training team know about this time complexity. Thanks!

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