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Meet New Q1 2018 Community Leaders

Hi SmartBear Community,


We've just passed the first quarter of 2018. It's time to announce our new Community Leaders. These are the community members to whom you gave the biggest number of Kudos during the past three months. They are always ready to answer any technical questions you may have and give great advice to everybody!


We decide the leaders each quarter. Everyone can earn this elite Community status. On this page, you can find more information about the selection process, rewards, and benefits. I want to specially welcome our new leader - @JHunt! Welcome to the team!


Now, please join me in congratulating our Community Leaders of Q1, 2018. In addition to the acknowledgement by the entire Community, our Leaders will get a $50 gift card from SmartBear!


Kudos Earned: 411
Replies Given: 557
Kudos Earned: 129
Replies Given:201
Kudos Earned: 110
Replies Given: 267
Kudos Earned: 84
Replies Given: 90
Kudos Earned: 84
Replies Given: 81
Kudos Earned: 72
Replies Given: 99
Kudos Earned: 48
Replies Given: 46
Kudos Earned: 46
Replies Given: 48
Kudos Earned: 43
Replies Given: 142
Kudos Earned: 42
Replies Given: 138
Kudos Earned: 32
Replies Given: 27
Kudos Earned: 25
Replies Given: 52



Leaders, I’ll add the corresponding badges to all of your profiles and update our Hall of Fame page very soon.

Congrats! ðŸ™‚

Community Manager
Community Hero

@tristaanogre - unbelievable and unreachable kudo-monster 🙂 Respect!

Community Hero

Holy ****!  411?!?!  How the HECK did I do that?


Anyways... please, don't the rest of you feel like you don't contribute.  There are so many questions and such that popup that I kinda just say, "Nope... don't know that one" and ALWAYS one of you steps up and gives the answer.  ALWAYS.  There are SO many talented and knowledgeable folks on these communities... and I'm just in the one for TestComplete.  Let's not forget all the other tools and folks who know stuff for SoapUI, LoadComplete, QAComplete, Swagger, etc.  Kudos to all of you!

Community Hero

@TanyaYatskovska, thank you for the details.


Congratulations all the leaders.


Welcome @JHunt to the club.