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I'm welcoming you in the SmartBear Community News journal. April was a pretty strange month for all of us - we had to change our hobbies, routines, and even food choices. Today is my day 38 of working from home and I actually started liking being home πŸ˜ I'm eating only healthy food and I've already lost several lbs πŸ’ͺ Perhaps, those were my muscles πŸ˜‚


Let's review the latest news:


TOP Kudoed Contributors


Last month, over 220 questions were asked! Community members gave around 1000 replies and received 500 kudos.

Let's congratulate the community members who got the biggest number of kudos from you - they have very high chances to earn the Q2 2020 Community Leader status this July!


@BenoitB@AlexKaras@tristaanogre@Wamboo@nmrao @richie@Reshail@elanto, way to go! πŸ”₯


Also, I would like to remind you that we have the TechCorner community articles where you can share your use cases, interesting testing cases, etc. Just add the TechCorner label to your post!


SmartBear Connect 2020 - Your Takeaways

SBC20_Virtual-Conference_350x200_Community.jpgOn April 27-28, many of you attended a virtual SmartBear Connect conference! That was so great to meet old friends! You can find the replay videos on our Connect site.


What takeaways did you get from SmartBear Connect? Please share them with us - we have a special thread where you can post your ideas.





Community Platform

sonya_m_0-1587567317012.pngIn April, there were many changes in the Community UI. A new editor with more features to "beautify" your messages and make them more convenient to read, more emojis β€οΈ and the preview mode. How do you find our new syntax highlighter? 


Also, we've updated the design of private messages - it should be more convenient to talk with people privately now.


Please read about all the changes here:



Upcoming Webinars

  • May 12 - 10 Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know about BDD. Register here
  • May 12 - SoapUI Pro Introductory Training. Register here
  • May 13 - Optimize & Accelerate Your API Standardization Implementation. Register here
  • May 19  - TestComplete Introductory Training. Register here

Academy certifiedSB_AC_Academy-Certified-200.png

Online education keeps growing in popularity. In the SmartBear Academy, you can always learn something new and interesting - enroll in any courses today. Once you get an Academy certificate, you will be awarded with a special Community badge!


Let's congratulate the community members who successfully passed exams of online SmartBear Academy courses and got certificates last month: 

@Hellotest@vjvarun06@david_vickers@kgentner, great job! Keep it up!



That's all for today. Any comments/suggestions/questions?


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"Perhaps, it was my muscles"  .... you make my day  BenoitB_0-1588755623939.png


About community changes, they are welcomed and well done.


Have a nice day !




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alert('There is a XSS, BS Wamboo');

var x = document.getElementsByClassName("sb-top-nav-logo");
x[0].style.width= "150px";




Community Hero

**bleep** it, it doesn't work! πŸ˜…

Community Manager



 Sure it does @Wamboo 

No avoiding the Insert code sample button in the Editor!

Community Manager

and alert won't execute..... luckily πŸ™‚

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