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I hope you and your relatives are well. The SmartBear Community team continues working from home, and it looks like Me, Working from home :)Me, Working from home 🙂we've got used to this already 🙂 Before the quarantine, I couldn't imagine my life without running in parks. Now, I feel completely great by doing workouts at the balcony! And, I already have a habit of working while lying on a sofa (photo proof ➡️).

How are you? Which new habits did you get?


I'm sure you have been looking forward to the SmartBear Community news 🙂 so here is the June 2020 episode:



Community Top Contributors


Next month, we will decide the Q2 Community Leaders - the community members who got the biggest number of Kudos. Simple action items for all community members: reply to as many topics as you can and say thanks for valuable replies by giving them Kudos. Especially, I like it when you give Kudos to my posts 🙂





User-Generated Content



We need your expertise 🙂

Many of you are subscribed to the TechCorner tag - topics with this tag contain great code examples, case studies, useful tips, etc. I'm inviting all community members who have ready articles or great article ideas to start sharing content like this. You are working with TestComplete, ReadyAPI or other SmartBear products for more than 40hrs per week. I'm sure you have great things to share! 


Simply create a new topic and add the TechCorner label to it. If you aren't sure about your article, you can reach out to me or @sonya_m  at anytime, and we will be happy to help figure it out!


Cucumber Open Community



Please, join me in welcoming the Cucumber Open Community on our site. Cucumber supports Behaviour-Driven Development and elevates teams to greatness! Cucumber is available for most mainstream programming languages. Welcome to the SmartBear Community, Cucumber Open!





Upcoming Webinars


Academy certifiedSB_AC_Academy-Certified-200.png

Online education is in high request at the moment. We see more and more of our customers enrolling in the learning courses we provide. For new users, it's a great place to learn a SmartBear product from scratch. For skilled users, we provide great certification programs where you can prove your knowledge.

Check out the SmartBear Academy site and choose the course you need!


Once you get an Academy certificate, you will be awarded with a special Community badge! Let's congratulate the community members who successfully passed exams of online SmartBear Academy courses and got certificates last month: 

@PrathapR, @lauries, @rjean, @matgodinho, @ingridcheng, @anupamchampati, @ankit05gupta, @courtenayp, Congratulations! Please comment here and share your review of the learning course you took.




That's all for today. Any comments/suggestions/questions?

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