July 2020 | SmartBear Community News Journal



We hope you are keeping safe and doing fine! In today's news, we are celebrating the new quarterly community leaders, welcoming new communities of SmartBear products, checking out the contributions to the latest TechCorner articles, and much more.


Q2 2020 Community Leaders

Q2 2020 Community Leaders.png

The start of a new quarter is my favorite time because we announce the quarterly community leaders 🙂


I'm sure everybody in the Community knows these people because of their valuable replies and willingness to help others! 


Last quarter, Community Leaders gave 1222 answers which took 43% from all answers and received 813 Kudos - 63% of all Kudos! Isn't this amazing?


Please meet the Q2 2020 Community Leaders:



Very soon, we will assign a special badge to your accounts and send out $50 gift cards as a small compliment for your enormous help.


Congratulations! Team, YOU ROCK👏💥!


TechCorner articles

SB_CM_TechCorner-Challenge_b_TC.pngEach week, we bring a new challenge to the TestComplete and ReadyAPI Communities. Taking part in the challenges is a great way to learn the product - we prepare a task and give you some ideas on how to do it. Solve tasks and share solutions, get Kudos and learn more about TestComplete or ReadyAPI. The best solution is selected for the TechCorner community space.


The tasks have different levels of difficulty, so everyone can find the right task to complete. Join the challenge today!


CucumberStudio Community

2020-07-06_175542.pngOnly a month ago, we created the Cucumber Open space in the SmartBear Community. This month, please meet the CucumberStudio Community! CucumberStudio gives your team the platform to succeed with Behavior-Driven Development. It's a single source of truth for BDD development your whole team will love. 

Please ask any of your questions about BDD, CucumberStudio, or Cucumber Open on the following community page:



Let's welcome the new CucumberStudio community members!



Upcoming Webinars


That's all for today. Any comments/suggestions/questions?

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Community Manager
Community Hero

Community is not based only upon the leaders but upon everyone, even the most shy 😉

Thanks to everyone to challenging us with your questions. It's so motivating to find the best answer !


And don't hesitate to involve more, share your way of working in testing field, share your tricks, share your good or bad experience. In this so bling-bling world it's good to see some sharing without any other interest than helping each others.

Community Hero

Great words, Benoit !


Community Hero

Great news!

I hope you're safe and doing fine in the SmartBear family too.
Greetings and wish you a nice vacation.


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