July 2017 Community News Journal

by Community Manager on ‎08-04-2017 03:19 AM

SmartBear Community News Journal
July 2017



Meet our latest SmartBear Community news for July 2017. We've started phase 3 (the last one) of API Bloom - let's sum up the results of phase 2. Besides, we are closer and closer to our first user conference - SmartBear Connect - that will take place in September. We look forward to seeing all of you.


Let's start!

July Top Contributors

Let's say a big thanks to our top contributors - these are people who unceasingly share their knowledge with each of you.

Kudos: 87
Solutions: 23
Replies: 154
Kudos: 27
Solutions: 16
Replies: 74
Kudos: 26
Solutions: 7
Replies: 44
Kudos: 16
Solutions: 4
Replies: 78
Kudos: 15
Solutions: 10
Replies: 119

API Bloom - Phase 3 Started

Phase 2.png

In July, we finished phase 2 of our API Bloom challenge, the online SmartBear Community event for ReadyAPI users. Each week during the past several months, some of you took part in the competitions and had the possibility of winning gift cards and getting recognition in the ReadyAPI Community.


We started phase 3 of the challenge (the last one) it will be active till Sept 1. You still have the opportunity to participate in the incredible API Bloom. The only thing you need to do is to share your thoughts by giving solutions to other community members.

Join us now to compete

SmartBear Connect - September 12-13

Join us on the user conference we set up in September in Boston. Expect to hear a lot of interesting discussions, tricks and tips, industry trends, and much more.


As a special gift, we offer a 15% discount for all community members! Use the Community-Discount-SBC promo code to get it when purchasing your ticket.

Learn Details

As usual, post your comments if you have anything to ask or suggest. See you in the SmartBear Community Smiley Happy

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