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December 2020 | SmartBear Community News Journal

Hello Community,


In a month, we will jump into a wonderful 2021. It's high time we finished all we had planned to do this year and started planning for the next year! The SmartBear Community is always happy to assist with any QA questions you have. So, our plan for this December is to have even more great conversations with you - next week we are starting our annual online event that will unite all software testing communities and provide great topics for discussion. You can find the details below.

Let's start our news!


TOP Community Contributors

CommunityBadges_Leader150x150.pngThis January, we will be happy to announce new quarterly Community Leaders and annual Community Heroes. Today, all of you have great chances to be featured next month. How to earn the Leader status? Just answer the questions of other community members or post your own topics with use cases, testing workflows, scripts you created, etc. Earn kudos and ... bingo! ... you are a Community Leader!


Right now, let me feature the following community members for their enormous contribution last month:

@AlexKaras posted 79 replies, received 52 Kudos and gave 21 solutions

@Marsha_R  received the biggest number of kudos for her contribution - 59 kudos - it's 2 kudos per day on average. It's so great ๐Ÿ™‚

@richie  is the most active contributor in the ReadyAPI Community - 52 replies and 27 Kudos!

@ZDGN  is a fast-growing contributor to the SoapUI OS Community! Great to see you being so active ๐Ÿ™‚


Join Wintertainment 2020 on Dec 7-18

Wintertainment-2020-Main-350.pngWe are so excited to invite you to participate in the annual SmartBear Community Wintertainment this year! The event starts on Monday, December 7 and will last till December 18.


This Wintertainment is going to be really special. Our Team has prepared super useful content to keep you updated on industry trends and provide you with tips and tricks on using SmartBear products. Participate by leaving comments, grow as professionals and win awesome prizes from SmartBear!๐Ÿ†


We will use the #Wintertainment20 label for all articles. Feel free to bookmark the page or subscribe to the label now to be notified when new articles are posted. See you on December 7th! Letโ€™s have some fun! ๐ŸŽ‰


Meet New Product Communities

10ffd426-13f6-433e-98fb-f219ab5b20ab.pngWe are happy to welcome new product communities to our big SmartBear Community. Zephyr for Jira and Zephyr Scale (aka TM4J) communities joined us last month. Both products aim at helping you set up and control tests in Jira, keep track of your teamโ€™s progress there, and much more. 

Visit the communities to say hi and welcome new members by posting a short message:

Zephyr for Jira Community

Zephyr Scale Community


Follow the Survey


Help us improve SmartBear products by taking the following survey. We would really appreciate it if you could allocate a couple of minutes to complete this survey about your current and future automation needs for .NET desktop (thick-client) applications. Youโ€™ll greatly help our product road map!


TestComplete .NET Application Testing


Academy Certified


Online education keeps growing in popularity. In the SmartBear Academy, you can always learn something new and interesting - enroll in any courses today for free. Once you get an Academy certificate, you'll be awarded with a special Community badge!


Let's congratulate the community members who successfully passed exams of online SmartBear Academy courses and got certificates last month: 



What a great achievement! Keep it up!



That's all for today. Any comments/suggestions/questions?

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