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I hope you enjoyed the awesome conversations we’ve had during the 12 Days of Software Quality community event.


Today, let’s talk about TestComplete and its ranking in the famous Gartner report. Many of you use this awesome tool every day for creating and executing automated tests. This year, we achieved some of the highest scores in two nominations at once:

  1. Responsive Design Use Case – 1st place with a score of 3.98 out 5
  2. Mobile Application Use Case – 2nd place with a score of 3.66 out of 5


This is a big win for all of us.


Gartner evaluated different vendors against critical capabilities and major use cases for software automation, which include the ability to perform cross-platform tests, handle differing User Interfaces of Android, iOS, and Windows (for Mobile Application use case), and the ability to simplify automated testing of responsive web applications that are being accessed from a large variety of end-user browsers and devices (for Responsive Design Use Case).


The Gartner report was created to help application and QA leaders, who are modernizing software development, evaluate test automation tools based on common testing cases. At the moment, Gartner is considered to be one of the most valuable industry researches.


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Share your thoughts of the following questions:

  1. Which industry news do you usually monitor?
  2. What do you think should be improved in TestComplete to earn an even higher score from Gartner?


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1.) I am trying to get better at following industry news, but so far that has not happened very well. I'm active on these forums, of course, and try to stay active as far as reading on some other areas of knowledge across the internet. There are a few blogs that I tend to follow but that's about it. 2.) I haven't used Test Complete so I can't really speak to this. Sorry!
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Industry news:
 I am following the news/article based on Testing, Virtualization based on KVM, Telecom industry and Linux: Red hat.


Improvement in TestComplete

As far as I have used TestComplete, it's a great tool, but I find some of the features can enhance TestComplete more.


1. Based on type of Log messages:
    Like Log messages corresponding to Information, Log messages that are passed, Log messages that have warnigs, Log   message corresponding to Error,  Log message corresponding to checkpoints(Property checkpoint, Mobile Checkpoint, Table checkpoint) should be then  written to Flat file (Notepad) or any type of file system.
 This way it would be easy to get only those logs that is important and need to check instead of the whole log file.


2. Allow to export logs in excel file directly to make analysis more easy. Basically easier for graph and all analysis.


3. Remotely accessing the TestComplete Host machine:
 All the web based test are based on resolution of the PC on which Testcomplete test cases were recorded. To remotely access all the tests from the TestComplete host, the only way is to match the resolution which sometimes is difficult and have access permission issue[To change resolution] or if more that one testers are working remotely or if the tests are to be accessed from different PCs all the time, it would be difficult to set resolution every time we log in to different PCs.


4. Logs can be more specific instead of button was clicked with left mouse/Window was clicked, it would be great if
    logs can have more specific information [like: The Submit button was clicked]. This helps to find easily where the error  can be.


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Here is my background:

I have done windows automation using tools such as python with open source code options

I have done web automation using python selenium libraries

and have done mobile automation using appium

I did download TestComplete but have not got around to using it.

There are great videos explaining its usage.

I would like to to see how it has combined all three web desktop and mobile testing togather!

My issues has always been with error reporting and we would have custom exception handling to give meaningful errors.

TestComplete for sure looks like a novel idea.

the idea of not having to spend months or years to develop custom code is a huge time saver!


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Hey Everybody.

Thanks for your comments. @sanj, good luck with the TestComplete learning. You will love the tool!


I'm happy to announce the winner of Day 10. Please join me in congratulating our new community member who earned the $25 gift card for his awesome comment - @sweta_desai. Sweta, great suggestions - I'll pass them to our PO. 


We've already published a new article of the event. Today, let's talk about the software fails. Join the conversation here:


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Thank you @TanyaYatskovska ... It's great to join some platform.

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