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Community Winter Games - Winners. Hurray :)



During the whole week, we have been really creative and got lots of energy from doing sport exercises. I hope you enjoyed the Community Winter Games πŸ™‚ Thanks everyone who participated in the game!


Our SmartBear Expert group has reviewed the answers of all the participants. It was very difficult to decide the winners as all of you did a great job! We managed to identify three winners with a minimal gap between each other.


Please join me in congratulating our medal winners:

  1. @Florian_Hofmann β€“ $45 gift card
  2. @msiadak β€“ $35 gift card
  3. @jmetertea β€“ $20 gift card




Let’s recollect those 5 happy days by reviewing the best answers according to the opinion of the SmartBear Expert group. Is there anything else you will remember about the Games? Share with us!


Day 1 - Think of the name and the slogan for our sport team and explain your choice

Best names and slogans:



Bear in mind
Because sports start with the mind



Test Faster, Earlier, Stronger.




The Terrors of Testing
All bugs must die




Conquer bugs with a single wave!!!




SmartBear Wolverines
Shredding defects and tests that bite!



Day 2 - Draw an emblem of our team. What elements should it include?

Best Emblems:Day 2 results.jpg






Day 3 - Is there any winter sport which reminds you of the process of creating and executing automated tests? Explain your choice.

Best answers:




Ski-jump. You are waiting for your turn and when it gets your turn, 
it goes downhill very fast. You ask yourself: 'why did I agree to this?'
Then you have the release and you feel like flying, but soon start thinking:
'We are going to crash! We are going to crash!' but you quietly land.
And then you are told to get ready for the next jump. 






Skeleton, Hurtling head first down an ice slope with very little protection, 
and on a vehicle with no brakes.






Olympic Curling reminds me a lot of creating and executing automated tests. 
I see our tests as the stone that's going to pass over the (hopefully) smooth surface
of the code. The only thing that's going to get in our way are the defects in the code,
and the developers are ahead of us working ahead of us to get them cleaned up and
smoothed out!



Day 4 - Post an image of yourself doing any sport exercises in the office

Best photos:





Day 5 - Post an image of your victory pose

Best photos:



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