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August 2019 | SmartBear Community News Journal



Welcome to our monthly SmartBear Community News. July was a great month - I hope you enjoyed being with the SmartBear Community!


July Top Community Contributors


Thanks everyone who contributes to the SmartBear Community. You submit questions, reply to topics by sharing your knowledge, give Kudos - each contribution is important! Let's welcome the most active contributors of the past month:


@AlexKaras@tristaanogre@msiadak   - up to 58 Kudos gave | Kudos Givers

@tristaanogre@AlexKaras@richie - up to 27 Solutions posted | The Genius

@tristaanogre@RUDOLF_BOTHMA@AlexKaras  - up to 82 Kudos received | The Most Kudoed

@tristaanogre@richie@AlexKaras  - up to 116 replies posted | The Most Active Repliers

@Naveenks@prabhjot88singh@lauravachon  - up to 7 questions asked | The Most Active Topic Creators


As early as October, we will decide the new quarterly Community Leaders based on the number of Kudos you get. Want to become a leader next quarter? The rules are simple - post more and get more Kudos. Read this article for details.



[Video] SmartBear Talks

Watch exclusive video interviews we recorded with well-known experts in the Software Testing industry. You will learn a lot of interesting and useful stuff there. Here are the videos we posted last month:

350.pngWe invited a well-known test automation trainer and consultant, Bas Dijkstra, to talk about combining UI testing and API testing. Many UI testers don't realize the benefits of using API tests. At the same time, test automation at the API level is easier to create and maintain as compared with automation at the UI level. Watch the video to learn about the pros and cons of using API testing together with UI testing: Go Beyond – From UI Testing to API Testing



350.pngWe are starting a series of interviews to analyze the most common mistakes that occur when testing APIs. Software testing consultant from WiseClouds, Robert Schneider, will help us with this important question. Today, we will discuss why focusing only on the most common messages when preparing tests is bad. Watch the interview to learn how to avoid making this mistake: Focus on the Most Typical Messages


Hot discussions

There were so many discussions last month. Let's review the hottest ones:


Community Site Improvements

We have improved the community site. The changes include the following:

  1. The new Community Life block allows you to easily navigate among various community areas. Take a look at the Community Lounge 🙂
  2. On the profile page, it's now possible to see questions, posts, ideas in separate tabs.
  3. The Product Community pages now contain the latest blog articles.
  4. Some minor changes.


That's all for today. Enjoy being with the SmartBear Community - we are happy that you are with us!

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