August 2018 SmartBear Community News Journal


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We've prepared the most interesting and exciting moments that happened with us in the SmartBear Community in August. If you have more memories about July 2018 in the SmartBear Community, feel free to post them here. 

Let's start:


August Community Interview



Watch an exclusive interview with Marsha Robertson@Marsha_R ) - the TestComplete Community Hero. Marsha has 30+ years of experience in QA! In the interview, she will share her expertise, tell us about the most important skills each QA specialist must have and give great advice on how to properly prepare for SmartBear Connect 2018 to get all your questions answered! 




If you want to watch interviews with more Community heroes, look for articles with the Interview label.



API Summer Challenge


Only one month left of the incredible API Summer event we are setting up this summer in the ReadyAPI Community. Everyone can win the $50, $35 and $15 gift card each week.


August Task: ask as many questions and give as many replies as you can in the ReadyAPI Community. It's so easy, isn't it? 


Want to participate, but don't know what to ask? We've prepared a list of possible topics you can post to the Community. We decide the winners each Monday! Good luck 🙂


SmartBear Connect 2018


This fall, we will be happy to see everybody in Boston at SmartBear Connect. This 2-day event will help you improve your knowledge of SmartBear products, learn a lot of new useful information, talk with peers and have fun!


We provide an exclusive discount for community members - you can get $100 off your ticket! Just use the SBC-Community-18 discount code when buying the ticket.




If you are still considering attending the conference this year, I suggest that you watch this community video from SmartBear Connect 2017.



New Community Design

  • Last month, we released a long-awaited new community design. I hope you like it. Here are the biggest improvements:

  • Mobile support. Now, you can chat with other community members from your phone and tablet easier
  • Modern Community navigation which allows you to easily jump from one product community to another
  • The list of online users - you can check how many (and who exactly) members are online at the moment and mention them (by using @) in your post to draw more attention to it
  • New images for Kudos and Solutions. Give us more kudos - we like them:) 
  • New views for forum conversations which include lists of latest topics, posts, and unanswered questions


Featured Topics


Who are you outside of testing? - Join this interesting conversation to learn more about hobbies of people you see each day online in the Community.

General Ideas To Improve My SoapUI Testing? - A great conversation on what can be improved in the current framework.

TestComplete Beta Program: Try AI-Driven Visual Testing! - I encourage all of you to sign in for the TestComplete beta and play with it. The new features are just outstanding.

Refer to this page to find conversations you like more - Unanswered questions 


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