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April 2018 SmartBear Community News Journal

SmartBear Community News Journal
April 2018

Hi Community!


I have exciting news for you! In this journal, I'm happy to:

  • announce the new quarterly Community Leaders;
  • invite you to the Community challenge which started on Apr 2nd;
  • share a valuable interview with Robert Martin, the SmartBear Community Hero.


Let's start:

Community Leaders Q1 2018

As usual, at the beginning of a quarter, we decide new Community Leaders. I've recently announced the new Leaders - please meet 12 the most valuable Community members


Community, join me in congratulating the guys for their awesome contribution!

Congrats one more time, guys! We will send a $50 gift card to each of you very soon!


Want to become a Leader next quarter? It's easy, just post valuable replies and get Kudos from other Community members. On this page, you can find more information.

Join our April challenge


In April only!!!

We've started a new challenge. Rules are simple:


Earn Community Badges - they will give you community points and a chance to win!




During the challenge, we count the Community Badges for the following activities: create topics, submit posts, give solutions, and get Kudos. 


Top 5 members with the biggest number of points will win, and they will get special gifts from SmartBear!

  • 1st place - $50
  • 2nd place - $40
  • 3rd place - $30
  • 4th place - $20
  • 5th place - $10

Read the rules here and accept the challenge today!

Contributor Interview

Last month, I was so happy to talk with Robert Martin (mostly known as @tristaanogre), the SmartBear Community Hero. Watch the exclusive interview with Robert where we are talking about his professional life and much more.




He is a TestComplete expert. He fell in love with all these automation things more than 20 years ago, and he is happy to share his valuable knowledge with all of us each day!


Wanna watch more interviews? You can find them on this page.

Leave a comment here, if you want to see an interview with someone specific.


As usual, post your comments if you have anything to ask or suggest. See you in the SmartBear Community 🙂
Community Manager