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2021 Annual SmartBear Community News

Annual-news_350.pngHello and welcome to the annual SmartBear Community News. It’s the right time to look back on 2021 and reflect on some community initiatives. With over 100,000 community members around the world, we'll continue to grow and improve the SmartBear Community together! Please leave comments and share your stories about the community in the past year.



Last year, we achieved a great milestone – 100,000 community members. It’s an impressive community size! Having all of you in the SmartBear Community is a big honor. Just imagine how big we are:

  • if all our community members lived in one country, we'd equal the population of the Republic of Seychelles.
  • we'd be half the population of Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • we could live in a city 3 times bigger than Somerville, Massachusetts, where SmartBear has its main headquarters.
  • all community members standing next to each other can circle Manhattan, New York - twice!



There were many exciting conversations, interesting pieces of news, and valuable use cases. Thanks for contributing to the community and making it better and better! 2021 in numbers:

New Members (+51%)
Questions (+21%)
Ideas (+19%)



gif.gifCommunity Leaders and Heroes are the SmartBear font of knowledge. I believe that many of you think these people are online 24/7, because of how quickly they help you with your questions! Last year, 6-8 people were nominated for quarterly Leader status! Huge thanks for their valuable contributions to the SmartBear Community. Last year was a phenomenal year for the Zephyr Scale community, as two completely new members earned Leader status!


Very soon, we will announce the Leaders for Q4 2021 in the product communities. On January 19th, 2022, join us for the Community Heroes Awards 2021 event to celebrate the best of the best – the heroes who made a significant contribution to the community throughout the entire year!


>> Register for the Community Heroes Awards 2021



TanyaYatskovska_0-1630585702951.pngLast year, we released a set of video interviews with the SmartBear Team. We released 30 video interviews and introduced SmartBears from the product management, development, on-boarding, technical writing, support, and other teams. They shared exclusive insights about product development and what motivates them to improve SmartBear tools.


You can watch all the video interviews here:



Community-Day-TestComplete_350.jpgIn November, we set up an exclusive online event where the TestComplete QA team revealed secrets about TestComplete testing. Do you wonder how SmartBear tests its own tools, which approaches it uses, and how the test lab is configured? All of these questions and many others were answered during this event! Even if you aren't a TestComplete user, you can find something interesting because we discussed many general testing topics. 


>> Review TestComplete Community Day Video Sessions 




Wintertainment-2021-winners350x197 (1).pngWintertainment event! We use this time to reflect on the past 12 months, recollect achievements, make plans for the future, and have fun together. Many of you participated in the Community Scavenger Hunt, shared your holiday wishes, and posted about your journey with SmartBear products.


You can explore the Wintertainment activities by clicking this link:  >> Wintertainment 2021 





TanyaYatskovska_3-1633508956208.pngIn September, many of you attended our annual conference, SmartBear Connect. Among many things, the past year has created a software mess: Digitize everything, put up a store front, “Shift Left,” “Shift Right,” and deliver faster than ever. SmartBear is done with empty buzzwords — that's why we love "Shift Up." It cuts to the core of our purpose: meeting you wherever you are on this journey, and helping you deliver your best possible software and apps, at the speed and quality you need.


>> Watch SmartBear Connect 2021 Sessions 




SB_AC_Academy-Certified-200.pngLast year, we released many new courses in the SmartBear Academy. We are so happy to see you enrolling in them and leaving positive feedback. Upon completion of a course, you earn a certificate and an Academy Certified badge on the SmartBear Community! If you're looking for something new to learn, enroll in a free course today.


>> Review the SmartBear Academy courses





We're constantly improving the community site so you can find the answers to your questions faster and communicate effectively! Last year, we worked on the following issues: 

  1. Community Topic was redesigned - we simplified the page and kept only the elements that help you focus on a topic. 
  2. Reply by Email – extra helpful if you want to reply to a topic you started, directly from your email app. 
  3. New Community structure – we moved all our product communities into a common structure that's simple to use.  

a. If you have a question for the community – use the Questions board in your product community to post a topic 

b. If you have a product improvement suggestion – use the Feature Requests board 

c. If you want to discuss any general discussions – use the Talks board 

d. If you want to share a ready script or use case – use the Technical Articles board 



Looking forward to seeing all of you in 2022. Thanks for being with the SmartBear Community 🙂

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)