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2020 Annual SmartBear Community News



We want to take a moment to reflect on the past year, and recognize our Community Heroes and Leaders. And we want to thank you, our community, for your contributions in 2020. Every question, solution, and conversation you had will continue to help thousands of development, quality, and operations experts in the new year. Communities such as this are only as strong as its members. So thank you for choosing to be a part of the SmartBear community – it wouldn’t be the same without you.


2020 Community Numbers

2020 was a year of growth for us. 

New Members
Questions (+12%)
Solutions (+10%)

We’re proud to see such substantial growth. In fact, we grew 42% faster in 2020 than the previous year! The larger our community is, the more support and resources provide.


Community Leaders and Heroes

Q4 2020 leaders and heroes_350.pngWe’re happy to announce our community leaders and heroes. These members are contributing almost daily and are eager to help their peers.


Within the last 12 months, our quarterly leaders and yearly heroes posted 41% of all replies, provided 45% of all solutions, and received 60% of all kudos.


Please join me in congratulating them and let’s give them even more Kudos for their contributions!


Introducing the Q4 2020 Community Leaders, community members to whom you gave the biggest number of kudos last quarter.



And – now for the Heroes of 2020! These are members who earned the quarterly leader status at least 3 times last year.





As a token of our appreciation, we’ll be presenting each Community leader with a $50 gift card and each Hero of 2020 with a $100 gift card. And of course, respect from the Community and special badges to show it off! Join me in congratulating our superstars!


Online Events

Wintertainment 2020_Main_350.pngOur community events kept us together in 2020. Throughout the year we held 3 online events:


  1. API Masterminds. For a month, ReadyAPI users replied to questions, posted valuable suggestions, shared great use cases, and talked about APIs.
  2. TechCornert Challenge. One of the longest events in the Community history — it lasted for 3 months. The TestComplete and ReadyAPI Communities were involved in resolving technical challenges daily. It was fascinating to see how different users came up with different solutions to the same task.
  3. Wintertainment 2020In December, we talked about the new year and mapped out our testing resolutions. Which technology we want to learn, how SmartBear products can be used for different purposes, and much more.



SB Talks 2020_350.png

Last year, we interviewed industry experts and talked about trending topics. We covered API load testing pitfalls, the importance of mentorship in the modern world, the steps for becoming leaders, and much more.


Thank you to all of our speakers for their willingness to share their knowledge with us!


Watch all the interviews by using the #interview label.


4 New Product Communities

10ffd426-13f6-433e-98fb-f219ab5b20ab.pngLast year, we launched 4 new product communities. Each tool now has a common place for users to communicate, resolve issues, share use cases, and have fun.

  1. Cucumber Open
  2. Zephyr Enterprise
  3. Zephyr Scale
  4. Zephyr for Jira


If you use any of the tools above, be sure to check out their community. They're a great place to learn, converse with your peers, and get questions answered.


SmartBear Connect 2020


Thousands of SmartBear users from around the world joined us this year for our virtual user conference, SmartBear Connect. We had attendees from over 66 countries and an expert lineup of speakers for an exciting 2-days of product trainings, best practices, industry insights, and much more.


All sessions from SmartBear connect are available on demand, for free. You can re-watch any of the presentations you liked or watch the ones you didn't see.


What were your key takeaways from SmartBear Connect 2020?


Academy certified


Many of our community members improve their skills by following free product courses in the SmartBear Academy. Upon completion of a course, users earn a certificate and an Academy Certified badge on the SmartBear Community. If you are looking for something new to learn, Enroll in a free course today.


Last year, more than 70 community members successfully completed courses and became Academy Certified. What a great achievement! Keep it up!



Thank you again for being part of the SmartBear Community in 2020! Please be sure to subscribe to the SmartBear Community Matters blog to be updated on the latest news.

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)