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2019 Annual SmartBear Community News Journal



I'm so happy to see all of you in the new decade! 2020 is a magic number. I wish only happiness and peace to all of you. As usual, January is the perfect time to recollect the previous year. Please meet the annual SmartBear Community news. You can find the most exciting and interesting moments of 2019 here. Do you have your own 2019 highlights? We will be happy to hear about them - just post a comment here about your 2019!


2019 Community Numbers

All of you bring enormous value to the SmartBear Community! Any of your activities help us grow and constantly improve. I'm so happy to be part of such a great community. Last year, 13 new members joined us each day (on average). It's so great!

Members Registered - 13 daily
Questions Asked - 7 daily
Solutions - 5 daily


Q4 2019 Community Leaders and Heroes

Q4 2019 Leaders and 2019 Heroes_350.pngPlease meet the people who are doing their best to resolve all of the questions you may have! They are online each day, and they want to help all of you by sharing their knowledge! Sometimes, I even hear them complaining about needing more questions to answer 🙂 Let's keep asking - the leaders will be happy 😉


Last year, the leaders and heroes posted 4700 posts (38% of all posts), gave 1000 solutions and got 2200 Kudos from you! Awesome, right? Let's give them even more Kudos!!!


So, let me name all of them! Let's applaud the Q4 2019 Leaders decided based on the # of Kudos:



And now - drumroll please! The Heroes of 2019! The members who earned the quarterly leader status at least 3 times in 2019. 3 times!!! Congrats, guys:




Each leader will receive a $50 gift card from SmartBear, each hero will get a $100 gift card from SmartBear. And, all of them will get lots of love and appreciation from the Community 🙂 (and special badges!) Join me in congratulating our superstars!


2019 SmartBear Talks

interview - 350.png

In 2019, we'd been inviting well-known experts to our video interviews to talk about trending topics and topics that we are highly interested in. We talked with Szilard Szell about bug hunting, Rob Schneider taught us how to avoid mistakes when doing API testing, Bas Dijkstra shared the secrets of combining UI and API testing and much, much more. 


You can revisit all the interviews by using the #interview label.




2019 Online Events


Many of you participated in the online events we set up last year. Some of them required your technical skills, others helped us learn more about each other. I hope you enjoyed them.

  1. API Testing vs. UI Testing. That was a hardcore battle between two teams. API won with the minimal score difference.
  2. Wintertainment 2019. Our annual online event to talk about the most important things at the end of the year.


SmartBear Connect 2020

Community Connect2020_350.png

This year, we will be happy to meet all of you at SmartBear Connect. In April, join the 2-day conference where you will be able to improve your knowledge around SmartBear products, learn best practices, talk with industry experts and peers.


Buy your ticket  - Register Today.




I hope you enjoyed 2019! That was a fantastic year. It's time for 2020! Let's make it legendary 🙂


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