2018 Annual SmartBear Community News



2018 in the SmartBear Community was amazing! I'm so happy to see such a great contribution from each of you.

The SmartBear Community even escaped me from the snow captivity 🙂 Please watch this short video for more details and for a short welcome from me.


Let's recollect the main highlights of 2018. Feel free to share yours by posting comments.


2018 Community Number

The SmartBear Community is constantly growing and improving. I'm very proud to be part of such an awesome and valuable community. Here are some great numbers for the previous year:

Members Registered
Questions Asked
Posts Created
Kudos Given




2018 Community Events


Last year, you participated in many SmartBear Community events. Some of them had technical tasks - you've already got used to such events. Others had tasks related to some physical exercises, fun, and collaboration. 


  1. [February] You demonstrated your physical skills in the Community Winter Games. One of the most unexpected events last year 🙂 
  2. [April] You were fighting for earning more badges in April Community Challenge. More than 400 members participated in this event! How many badges did you earn?
  3. [Jun-Aug] During 3 months, you were participating in the API Summer event by taking our weekly challenges. 1000+ replies were posted during this event in the ReadyAPI Community.
  4. [October] We met at SmartBear Connect - our second annual conference in Boston. Watch a short video recap.
  5. [December] It was a week of a New Year miracle and fun conversations - Wintertainment 2018. 451 Kudos were given during the event!

Which event did you like most? Share your feedback here.


2018 Video Interviews

We were recording exclusive video interviews with our top Community contributors. This helped each of us get to know people we see and talk to online practically every day. I believe those interviews helped us become closer! Now, we know that @AlexKaras used to work on a plant and wouldn't feed his cat over the Internet, that @cunderw likes to barbecue, that Count Dracula doesn't help @Lucian in his work, and much-much more 🙂 Our contributors were sharing their valuable advice on how to become a high-skilled specialist and what to learn in a specific SmartBear product first.




2018 COMMUNITY Leaders and Heroes


During the entire 2018, our community leaders and heroes were demonstrating their indefatigable willingness to help others by sharing their knowledge and posting solutions. I've recently announced new quarterly leaders and yearly heroes. If you haven't congratulated them yet - feel free to do this right now. These members contribute a lot of valuable content to the SmartBear Community. They deserve extra applauds!


Posts from Leaders and Heroes


From all Posts



2018 Featured Discussions

There were many interesting conversations last year. It's practically impossible to pick the best 😞 Let me highlight these ones:



I hope you enjoyed 2018! Here is 2019. We are creating the Community we want to be part of, so feel free to post your comments/suggestions. Let's make 2019 the most memorable year ever in the SmartBear Community 🙂


Have your own highlights of 2018? Share them with us by posting your comment here.


Give us your Kudos and stay tuned!



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