12 Days of Software Quality - Join us on Dec 4-19, 2017


Hello Community,


I want to invite you to our online event – 12 Days of Software Quality. Christmas is a good moment for great quality time, spreading the joy and getting gifts. The SmartBear Community will give you even more – we have prepared exciting articles on trendy Software Quality themes. During 12 days, Dec 4-19, we are going to discuss those articles with you. Each article will give you food for thought and a topic for discussion. Those who share the best insights will get a chance to win special gifts from SmartBear.



The event will take place on Dec 4-19, 2017.

Each day, we will publish an article in the Community at 12 pm GMT (5:30 pm IST, 7 am EST). Throughout the day, the SmartBear Team and Community experts will be happy to discuss the article with you.

The winner of the day will be announced next day.



All articles will be posted to the SmartBear Community Matters Blog with the 12Days label:


A winner will be selected based on the number of Kudos received.



Once you see a new article posted in the Community (daily at 12PM GMT), read it and share your knowledge by posting comments and answering questions from the article. Give Kudos to other comments you like.



You will have 24 hrs to participate in the daily discussions. In 24hrs after posting an article, we will announce the winner who received the biggest number of Kudos for his/her comments in that article. The winner will get the recognition of the entire SmartBear Community and a $25 gift card from SmartBear.




Each day, we will publish one article for discussion according to this schedule:




December 4

Day 1 - ReadyAPI Data Driven Tests - Treasure for API Testing

December 5

Day 2 - Testing Frameworks - What I Should Know

December 6

Day 3 - How To Start With API Load Testing

December 7

Day 4 - Parallel Testing in TestComplete - Effective Time Saver

December 8

Day 5 - Scriptless API Load Testing

December 11

Day 6 - Effective Test Management

December 12

Day 7 - Service Virtualization is Easy

December 13

Day 8 - Solving Test Case Management Struggles

December 14

Day 9 - Service Virtualization with Swagger

December 15

Day 10 - TestComplete Mobile/Web Testing

December 18

Day 11 - Why Testing Matters

December 19

Day 12 - Microservices - Should We Test Them?


I hope you will enjoy 12 days of Software Quality 🙂


Community Manager

Hi Tanya - I am super excited about this program. I am hoping to see topics of API Monitoring. 

Community Hero

A Christmas feast for the community.

Community Hero

I am really eager to see the discussions this brings about and to see how other people answer. I love learning how other people approach using Ready API. It is a great learning experience and I have definitely been able to fine-tune my own processes.


This is a great initiative.

Smartbear Community has been very helpful in solving the issues for many professionals.This new event will open up new horizons and will enlighten on the areas that are not so familiar to all.


Kudos !


Occasional Contributor

Good one.. Should be there each month one


and Good that you make it related to a festival. So it attached to happiness.


Reminds of the carol of 12 days of christmas.. 


You should create a song like


on the first day of christmas, smartbear give to me "ReadyAPI Data Driven Tests - Treasure for API Testing"

on the second day of ....

Community Manager

Great idea, Gaurav. I have to warn you that usually people ask me to stop singing when I start 🙂


Your suggestion reminded me a song we prepared several years ago. @GHanson is an expert in singing!

Super Contributor

Absolutely exciting times to learn and share knowledge with fellow geeks!


Community Hero
Community Manager

Ahahahha. Will there be a new song this year, Robert? 🙂 

We only have the Jingle Bells and Little Tree (V lesu rodilas elochka  - Russian song) songs so far....


Community Hero

Actually, @TanyaYatskovska, Silent Night is included in the package. 🙂  Or... Stille Nacht if you prefer the German...  Or... Тихая ночь if you prefer the Russian. 😉

Community Manager

Ohhh, correct! It's time to re-listen them 🙂


P.S. Great to hear that you practice Russian 😉

Occasional Contributor

I realise that Christmas is now a time for fun, games and commercialism, but as I describe myself as a professional pedant here is a little question to ponder.


Why do people mistake Advent for the Twelve Days of Christmas (starting on Christmas Day and ending on the Epiphany)?

Community Manager

Hi Everyone!


We have some changes in the schedule plan. On December 18, I want to introduce the new article - Why Testing Matters - we will be talking about the importance of testing. You are welcome to share the funniest or the most critical issues you've found thanks to your tests. The originally planned TestComplete Web Testing article will be part of the TestComplete Mobile Testing and it will be published on Dec 15. So, the changed schedule:




December 15

Day 10 - TestComplete Mobile/Web Testing

December 18

Day 11 - Why Testing Matters


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