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Posting in old topics

Community Leader

Posting in old topics

It seems there are a lot of people asking "I have this problem too" on very old questions that never got answered.


How could we encourage people to create a new question instead? It's almost never appropriate to continue the discussion in an old topic, especially when the new question is only related, but not exactly the same question.

Community Manager

Re: Posting in old topics

Hi JHunt,


Thanks for bringing up this question.

I noticed this before. What do you think we can improve here? 


Tanya Gorbunova
SmartBear Community Manager


Reply to any questions to win

Community Hero

Re: Posting in old topics

Don't allow posts on old topics after 1 month or so.  A new topic can always include a link to an old one for reference.  

Regular Contributor

Re: Posting in old topics

Agree that closing/locking topics that have not been posted too for a length of time (1 month sounds fine) would be a good idea. Perhaps with the exception of allowing the original poster to post a follow up reply.


Personally I tend not to reply to these "I have this problem too" posts as there are usually multiple issues in the thread which just makes things confusing.

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