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Sit & Spin

Occasional Contributor

Sit & Spin

Thought I'd chat here as well as putting a ticket in.


We occasionally see slowness using Collaborator in the Web GUI.  Most famous is it sitting there 'loading', that we can only get rid of by refreshing the browser.


Having a strange issue today - someone goes to an existing bug or comment, types in some new text, then hits the Add button.    Spinning wheel comes up.     Happens to everyone, although some people will have a 10 second spin and their comment is added, while some it will spin for an hour and still not get in place.   We're seeing this across users and across browsers, but only for certain reviews.  (this one has one XL table, not too huge).


Have others seen this?   If so does it tend to be a brosers issue?  database slowness issue?   



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