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Eclipse Plugin, compare ignoring white space?

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Eclipse Plugin, compare ignoring white space?

I'm trying to review some documents with the eclipse plug-in in a mixed-OS environment where the files are C++ files.  When I go to look at the diffs in a given file (using the Materials pane in the Review window) it says:

    Too many differences.  

    Turn on 'Ignore White Space Option' or do a structure compare first

The thing is, there is nowhere to turn that on *before* doing the compare.  If I set ignore white space first, it doesn't seem to do that, and if I set it after it doesn't seem to reload the file.

When I do the same review in the browser it shows the differences in the files with no problem.

I've only just installed the latest Eclipse plug-in, using Eclipse Kepler.

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Re: Eclipse Plugin, compare ignoring white space?

4 1/2 years on and I have the same problem, though I was unable to find a solution through SmartBear's help system. Since this question sits at the top of Google's queue, I'll provide the support that I was looking for for any future users that turn up here.


Turns out that since SmartBear is leveraging the Eclipse diff tool, we need to make the change at that layer.



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