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Advance Checklist Creation & Editing

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Advance Checklist Creation & Editing

Is there a feature in the work to allow "advance" checklist creation & editing.


Examples being:

Cloning/Copying => checklist gets new name which can then be edited.

Reordering of checklist items => drag the checklist items up and down so they can be rearranged.

Automatic Number of checklist => Can be toggled on and off. A,B,C, I, II, III, 1, 2, 3, etc.

Custom fields default can be configured per item => 



Checklist                                            Status            Notes

[ ] Is the Item in change control          Yes

[ ] Is the Item in build server                 No


Status is a custom field that I want the default value to be Yes for the first one and No for the second one.




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