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Show state as "Waiting (was approved)" or similar

Show state as "Waiting (was approved)" or similar

It's annoying to get thrown out of Approval in several cases; but some cases are valid. Either way, what can be further annoying is not having Code Collaborator indicate any information in the code review webpage on whether or not reviewers had previously been in the Approval state.


It would be nice, if the State column, indicated in some way, that users (reviewers/observers/whatever) had previously been in an Approved state but now are not.


With so many code reviews going on, it's easy to second-guess yourself on "didn't I approve this already"?  And having the tool help keep oneself up-to-date on such matters would be handy.  Also, as an Author, it'd be nice to see the same information; as that may help lead the author to know which subset of reviewers really needs to pay more attention to the review (because perhaps the reviewer's that need to re-approve in this case were and are actively and responsively enganged with the review, but some subset of other reviewers are behind needing to get to it still).

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Regarding this, it might actually be better if when a Reviewer clicks the overall Approve button, that it logs in the Chat box about just that (who approved with optional date-time stamp). Then overall approval status can be seen within context of the file activity logs that are auto-generated there in the Chat box; in turn that provide great context as to exactly what files changed after a particular reviewer had Approved the review!


Granted that could get a bit noisy, taking up vertical lines in the Chat box; so consider simplifying it down to a single line which can list out multiple reviewers/observers who have Approved the review up to that point in the Chat log.

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We use the "approved" state to know when reviewers have completed the review. We also have the settings so that all reviewers and the author must be in the approved state prior to allowing the moderator to complete a review. The fact that anytime an new comment is made or a new file is uploaded all previous approvals go away makes for gumpy developers since the moderator has to constantly remind them to approve the review.

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Somewhat like tlhobbes described, but applied to the top level review page, when a user clicks the Send to Rework/Complete button, I think it should log that to the Overall chat box.  If you're curious about this information, it's then available even after different changes might be uploaded.


The first response by tlhobbes to his own request does seem to address the basic problem though.  There's an undocument (maybe just poorly documented?) feature that clicking the checkmark button on the File-specific Overall will mark that file as "approved" and effectively operates as a bookmark of the last file state an individual reviewer has looked at.  Doing this does create a log on the File-specific Overall of the reviewer's name, and that they "accepted" it.

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I'm on board with this, I've had numerous occasions where reviews were re-opened because someone was looking at a closed review as an example and accidentally clicked on something. Does Collaborator have any "history" that lists when reviewers have clicked approved, or what caused a review to be reopened?

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