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Archive to Zip - In an automated way


Archive to Zip - In an automated way

This is intended for organizations that want to automate the review archival process upon review completion. In short,

when a review completes, you'll get a zip archive that contains everything that happened in the review. The archive will

contain PDF documents, and the file versions involved. This non-proprietary format will allow you to keep your

regulatory review data for years to come, without having to maintain a Collaborator server forever.

How does the automated process work?
We'll call the Collaborator command line client directly from a server trigger when the review changes phases. We wont check to see if the phase has transitioned to completed, because the archive command line will not export an in-progress review. If your team is using the tool heavily, then you should create a shell script or batch file, and check the review phase before calling the Collaborator command line client. This will result in improved performance, but is not really necessary for small or medium sized installations.

Configuring the trigger in Collaborator
1. Install the Collaborator client software on the Collaborator server.
Command line client instalaltion:
2. Create a directory to store our archived reviews. We'll be using c:\my-archived-reviews in this example. Note that we'll use /my-archived-reviews in the Linux example.
3. Login to the Collaborator web interface as an administrator.
4. Go to the Admin->Triggers page
5. Find the "Review Phase Changed" trigger, and configure it as follows:
Executable: c:\program files\collaborator client\ccollab.exe
Parameters: admin archive $

{} --zip-path c:\my-archived-reviews

Executable: /usr/local/ccollab_client/ccollab.exe
Parameters: admin archive ${}

--zip-path /my-archived-reviews

Note: You'll need to update the executable path for the Collaborator command line client as necessary.

More information on Collaborator server triggers:

New Contributor

Re: Archive to Zip - In an automated way



Need some help, I have tried to execute all the steps( that have been provided and also executed a use case to complete the review. But I am unable to see any data archived in the directory that was specified in the admin->Triggers


"Excutable: c:\program files\collaborator client\ccollab.exe"

"Parameters : admin archive ${} --zip-path E:\archived_reviews"


Is there any other step that I am missing which could help me identifying.


Thank you for your time and Patience.




Re: Archive to Zip - In an automated way

Try using the window command prompt (cmd.exe) as the executable.


"Excutable: c:\windows\System32\cmd.exe"

"Parameters : /C "c:\program files\collaborator client\ccollab.exe" admin archive ${} --zip-path E:\archived_reviews"



New Contributor

Re: Archive to Zip - In an automated way

Its not working..
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