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iOS 9 XCUITest

New Member

iOS 9 XCUITest

Does anyone know how to get XCUITesting to work on iOS 9. I seem to be running in to this apple bug:

Here are the logs

021-06-11 05:52:04.281 xcodebuild[32835:101892]  IDETestOperationsObserverDebug: Writing diagnostic log for test session to:
/Users/testdroid/test/xcode-output/Logs/Test/Test-Transient Testing-2021.06.11_05-52-04--0700.xcresult/Staging/1_Test/Diagnostics/UITests-1614737D-542D-4AAD-94DF-A9237A072ACF/UITests-096082A3-7912-4168-B204-9734F4A00185/Session-UITests-2021-06-11_055204-ViSLfX.log
2021-06-11 05:52:04.283 xcodebuild[32835:101847] [MT] IDETestOperationsObserverDebug: (27B21641-96E8-4D4A-805D-3A8F245A5E8E) Beginning test session UITests-27B21641-96E8-4D4A-805D-3A8F245A5E8E at 2021-06-11 05:52:04.282 with Xcode 11C29 on target 📱<DVTiOSDevice (0x7fd5ea126890), iPhone, iPhone, 9.3.5 (13G36), 4d5e776a508404ce7aa033b0b9510a7aa0738cb7> {
		deviceSerialNumber:         C39HDDN2DTFC
		identifier:                 4d5e776a508404ce7aa033b0b9510a7aa0738cb7
		deviceClass:                iPhone
		deviceName:                 iPhone
		deviceIdentifier:           4d5e776a508404ce7aa033b0b9510a7aa0738cb7
		productVersion:             9.3.5
		buildVersion:               13G36
		deviceSoftwareVersion:      9.3.5 (13G36)
		deviceArchitecture:         armv7f
		deviceTotalCapacity:        13439811584
		deviceAvailableCapacity:    12489302016
		deviceIsTransient:          NO
		ignored:                    NO
		deviceIsBusy:               NO
		deviceIsPaired:             YES
		deviceIsActivated:          YES
		deviceActivationState:      Activated
		isPasscodeLocked:           NO
		deviceType:                 <DVTDeviceType:0x7fd5e9ddf670 Xcode.DeviceType.iPhone>
		supportedDeviceFamilies:    (
		applications:              (null)
		provisioningProfiles:      (null)
		hasInternalSupport:        NO
		hasWritableSystem:         NO
		isSupportedOS:             YES
		bootArgs:                  (null)
		nextBootArgs:              (null)
		connected:                 YES
		isWirelessEnabled:         NO
		connectionType:            direct
		hostname:                  (null)
		bonjourServiceName:        c8:33:4b:1f:64:cd@fe80::ca33:4bff:fe1f:64cd._apple-mobdev2._tcp.local.
		activeProxiedDevice:       (null)
		} (9.3.5 (13G36))
2021-06-11 05:52:04.726 xcodebuild[32835:101847] [MT] IDETestOperationsObserverDebug: (27B21641-96E8-4D4A-805D-3A8F245A5E8E) Finished requesting crash reports. Continuing with testing.
2021-06-11 14:52:17.345 UITests-Runner[248:30955] Running tests...
2021-06-11 14:52:18.916 UITests-Runner[248:30955] Continuing to run tests in the background with task ID 1
Test Suite 'All tests' started at 2021-06-11 14:52:20.408
Test Suite 'UITests.xctest' started at 2021-06-11 14:52:20.417
Test Suite 'ContentCardTests' started at 2021-06-11 14:52:20.421
Test Case '-[ContentCardTests testBannerPart1]' started.
    t =     0.01s Start Test at 2021-06-11 14:52:20.430
2021-06-11 14:52:21.087 UITests-Runner[248:31008] *** Assertion failure in -[XCTImage initWithCGImage:metadata:orientation:], XCTImage.m:124
2021-06-11 14:52:21.088 UITests-Runner[248:31008] <NSXPCConnection: 0x15e61650> connection to service named Warning: Exception caught during decoding of received reply to message '_XCT_requestScreenshotWithReply:', dropping incoming message and calling failure block.



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