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Device Behavior details

Occasional Contributor

Device Behavior details

We want to test our application performance , so how can we get,

In device Behavior its contains device waiting,preparing,installing,Running,Sending results,Processing results, what exactly which includes only application or not.


Re: Device Behavior details

CPU and Memory performance are collected after application is installed on device and it stops after test execution is finished - coresponding to the test steps it would be "running". You can check it after test run is finished in results view for particular device - "Performance" section" or download "performance.json" from the "Output Files".




Occasional Contributor

Re: Device Behavior details

Moderator Moderator

Re: Device Behavior details

If the "Performance Widget" is visible, it indicates the "performance.json" is available. This seems to be the case also here.


You can download it from "Output files" -tab of  "Control Panel" or view it in the "Log" -widget. In this case it's showing appium.log by default.

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