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Application performance using BITBAR

Occasional Contributor

Application performance using BITBAR

Hi All,
Can we able to get page load time after every actions.(App level)
Testcase 1: Login to Driver application
Steps: 1. Enter username and password
2.Click on submit button
Expected resultSmiley Frustratedhould display the driver dashboard
In above test case we are giving username and password and clicking on submit button
After click action(in back end It will get data from api) then display in the UI. We want to know the response time for Page loading after every actions.


Re: Application performance using BITBAR

At current moment we don't have such feature, but there might be possibility to do such measurement on the tests level. You can also go through the "device.log" which contains timestamps for commands executed on device.




Occasional Contributor

Re: Application performance using BITBAR

But there might be possibility to do such measurement on the tests level,how can we measure.


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