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AlertSite Deployment Announcement


AlertSite Deployment Announcement



We've deployed some new functionality today.  Here's a look at the release notes.


Release Notes


AlertSite UXM Run Screen Enhancements

  • Screen and source captures and other run-specific views are now surfaced at the corresponding run, step, and/or event level
  • For SoapUI API monitors, retries are now clearly highlighted
  • For SoapUI API monitors, step report details are now surfaced as run details in addition to the existing source capture style presentation
  • For Perfecto Mobile monitors, link to the Perfecto Mobile report now surfaced with each run

AlertSite UXM Updated Tour Functionality

  • New AlertSite UXM tour features an overlay style that allows for more interactivity with the underlying UI functionality

Other AlertSite UXM Enhancements

  • Test on Demand can now be launched from the Monitor Summary Screen

Various bug fixes


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